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Chesterfield Presbyterian Homeschool Network

K - 12th

Chesterfield Presbyterian Church’s Homeschool Network is a learning center designed to give homeschooled students in grades K-8 the opportunity to take academic classes for a full day or half day once a week. Classes meet on Thursdays at Chesterfield Presbyterian on Clayton Road. These classes are used by homeschooling families to supplement and enrich what their children are also studying at home.

CPC’s Homeschool Network started out serving grades K-5, then as the need arose, the middle school grades were added. Since 2009 HSN has also provided certain classes for high school students, not as supplements but for the purpose of acquiring the required number of hours needed to earn high school credits. HSN 9Up is the name of the high school section of HSN.

Classes at CPC’s Homeschool Network are taught from a Christian worldview by qualified teachers.

Classes for K-8 include Art, Music, Literature, Communication (writing, using the IEW materials), Geography, and Science. A 30-minute PE class is also part of the school day. Students are grouped according to grade level.

Classes for 9Up vary from year to year. Usually all of the sciences are offered, using Apologia for Physical Science, Biology, & Chemistry.  Writing, logic, literature, world history, personal finance, economics, poetry, and analytical grammar are some of the other 9Up class offerings over the years.

For information on the current or upcoming school year for both programs, go to www.homeschool-life.com/MO/hsn 

For questions, email the director, Mrs. Linda Thompson, at lindat@chespres.org