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West County Christian Home Educators

West County Christian Home Educators 

We are an active group of home school families supporting one another in St. Louis County, MO and nearby.

Welcome to WCCHE's public homepage. We offer several resources to the public, including record-keeping samples and a directory of homeschool groups in Missouri.  For more information on Missouri Homeschool laws check out our Resources for Homeschoolers from the Homeschooling Information menu above.

We also have a public calendar that shows events open to all or for members only without details. Feel free to explore our site.

WCCHE membership is only $30 per year and gives you access to our complete, interactive website (including member forums) as well as details & invitations for all WCCHE sponsored events.  See some of our annual events!

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Testimonials from WCCHE Members

WCCHE is here to help you meet Missouri Homeschool Law requirements by giving you a group that supports your efforts, families that have homeschooled for years and have advice and resources to share, a shoulder to lean on when things get tough and a group of kids who share activities and interests.

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Helpful Homeschool Links

Free Online Curriculum
Free Online HighSchool Curriculum
Has free online resources, a lesson plan for each topic and free printables to go with each.
Free Online Curriculum
Free K-8th Online Curriculum
Free year long lesson plans for all topics including links to online curriculum and printables.
Free Online Curriculum
Khan Academy


4th Annual Swing Dance/ Masquerade Ball
February 4 - Friday
06:30 AM - 09:00 PM
Art & Talent Show
February 25 - Friday
05:00 PM
Spring Camping
June 3 - Friday

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