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W.C.C.H.E. is a homeschool organization seeking to provide educational opportunities for our children that will support Christian principles and virtues. As Christian home educators it is our desire to properly represent our Lord Jesus Christ in all activities in which we participate. Therefore, as we unite together we purpose to provide support, wholesome family activities, information, and educational resources that will aid Christian home schooling.

Our Bylaws and Statement of Faith (click here) describe in more detail the Mission, Operation, Organization and Expectations’ for Leaders and Members.  Please take the time to review the Bylaws, particularly Sections I - III  

WCCHE is an organization that is run by volunteers.  In order to provide the many homeschool activities and resources that we do, and still maintain our nominal membership fee, we need each and every family to be involved in some way.

Annual dues of $30.00 are due by June 1st. 

The WCCHE dues deadline is July 31st of each year for the following school year. (June 1st  of current year to May 31st of the following year).  Payments are received from June 1st until Jult 31st.  However, if you join the group after Aug. 1st, even if it is at the end of the school year (i.e. if you join for the first time in April or May then you must pay for the entire previous year and then pay again for the upcoming year in June), then you must pay the total dues for that school year ending in July

Our membership dues are not pro-rated for partial year memberships.  

So, payments are applied as follows:

July 1st through July 31st -  dues for the CURRENT school year

If you are a current member who is rejoining, June 1st is the earliest you may renew your membership and pay dues for the upcoming school year. 

If you have not paid your renewal membership fee by July 31st, you can be removed as a site member. 

Dues are required of each (voting) Member family and each ( non-voting)  Associate who is not a part of a Member family.

Your membership registration request will be approved AFTER dues have been received.

Annual dues entitle you to access this interactive web site and all the information it contains including an event calendar,  an inter-membership forum for questions & discussions, a free classifieds section, a free family web site, a photo gallery of homeschool events and much more.  Dues also entitle you to be involved in WCCHE sponsored events such as the annual Talent Show/ Art Fair, Spelling Bee, Used Curriculum Sale, Ice Cream Social, Graduations and annual WCCHE picnic. 

Before your membership can be approved you must send your check for $30.00
payable to WCCHE
in c/o 

Brooke & Andrew Koenig 
741 Sherwick Terrace
Manchester, MO 63021

Or, you may pay using a credit or debit card.  After you have completed this one page application you will be  askws ro wnrwe xx info.  
Please Note, It can take up to two weeks for membership approval if you are paying by check and up to a week if paying by credit card.
WCCHE Web Site Policies
1)  Please do not forward forum emails to people outside of our WCCHE group unless  you remove all personal contact information from them or get the permission of the WCCHE member who sent the forum post.
2)  You may share your family business on the forum, please limit this to one or two posts a year.
3)   You may share other homeschool related events or businesses, or general sales information with the group. Please try to limit these to things you feel would truly benefit or interest our Christian Homeschool members.
4)   We welcome you to submit your calendar events, links and photos to the web site by entering them on the web site under the named section. All submissions require approval before they will be listed.
5)   Many events and field trips listed through the WCCHE web site are co-op type opportunities, meaning that they are not run by the WCCHE board but by the  individual organizing the event.   If you organize an event for WCCHE members only, please include that information in the event description.
6)   You may share political event or candidate information on the site, but please be sensitive to those with other views.  We will all refrain from debating  personal or political views on the forums.
7)  Please do not post information about personal contests that benefit a particular individual.  We do not want our members subject to these types of solicitations.  For those who do not abide by this policy, a warning will be issued for the first offense.  If there is a second offense, the individual will not be allowed to post information of any kind on the forum for three months. 
8)  You are welcome to post information about generic contests such as spelling bees, art fairs, and essay contests.
WCCHE's Personal Safety Policy
The safety and well-being of children is primarily the responsibility of their parents.  The Board of Directors recommends that at all WCCHE events, a parent of the minor child or responsible adult whom the parents know and trust, accompany the child to the restroom.  With the exception of older siblings, the board recommends that at no time does an older child accompany a younger child to the restroom.  At all WCCHE events, the minor child's parent(s) or someone they designate should know where their minor child is at all times and with whom they are associating.


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Photo Disclosure

West County Christian Home Educators (WCCHE) occasionally places images and names on our website, on our social media sites, and in publications intended for WCCHE members. By joining I agree to allow my own/ my family members' images and/or names to be published in documents intended for the use of member families, or be available on the secure (password-protected) portion of the WCCHE website. I agree to allow member-submitted images which include me and or my family members to be shared on the WCCHE website (public and private) and social media services. I agree not to use the images from the publications or the WCCHE website without prior written consent from the individuals depicted. If I do not wish my images/name to be used as described above, then I will: 1) notify, annually and in writing, the Board of Directors of that desire; and 2) ensure that event coordinators of official WCCHE events be made aware of my wishes at the beginning of each event.