Volunteer Policy

AMHA relies on parent volunteers to help make learning safe, productive, and fun. All families are required to volunteer to support the co-op. Your support is critical to the success of the program. Opportunities to participate as a volunteer will be available throughout the year.

A digital sign-up form will be sent to all families to select volunteer opportunities. Volunteer slots are weighted differently. Some volunteer slots may earn you 1 point and others up to 7 points. Volunteer points must be earned before the end of the current semester. If not fulfilled by this time, there will be a Missed Volunteer Fee of $20 invoiced to the family for each missed point.

There will be several opportunities to volunteer both on-site and off-site:

· Onsite during co-op hours (i.e. opening duties, lunch duty, study hall, hall monitoring, closing duties, etc.)

· At-home to assist with back-end duties (i.e. reminding volunteers of upcoming duties, planning for special events, calling families for prayer requests, etc.)

· Special Event volunteering (dances set up, chaperone, break down; fundraisers; shopping for event supplies, etc.)

If a parent is aware that they will need to miss a slot, it is their responsibility to find a replacement. Please contact the director Alexandra Kubebatu at (210) 996-1437 once a replacement is found. If a replacement is not found by the parent, a Missed Volunteer Fee of $20 will be billed to the family for each missed slot. The Missed Volunteer Fee will need to be paid before children can be registered for the following semester.