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Class Tuition and Supplies are invoiced PER SEMESTER, not annually. "Child of Teacher" discounts are applied automatically at 100%. Email to inquire about sibling discounts for non-teachers. 

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Payment Instructions

**It is strongly advised that you view the classes available BEFORE submitting your request for membership. Click here to view the schedule.

  • The Spring Semester Family Registration Fee ($45) will be added to your account and due in 14 days. The following members will have the Registration Fee waived for the 2024 Spring Semester:
    • Members of St. Anthony Mary Claret Homeschool Ministry
    • Members of T.O.R.C.H. 
  • Insurance, Facility Use, Maintenance & Supplies Fees ($25) will be added to your account and due in 30 days.
  • Class Deposits and Supply Fees are due immediately to ensure your children's registration for classes.
  • The tuition balance will be invoiced into 3 monthly installments (Feb, Mar, Apr), or you may pay them all at once.
  • 2 late payments on the tuition will result in the revocation of the installment plan for the Fall 2024 semester.
  • Child-of-teacher discounts are automatically approved if a teacher has their own child/children in their class.

**The Family Registration, Insurance, Facility Use, Maintenance, Supply Fees, and Class Deposits are non-refundable.

Thank you for supporting the mission of Ave Maria Homeschool Academy, a nonprofit corporation. Additional donations are always welcome!