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Teen Nights

Teen Nights are only open to CHE members' 7th-12th grade children (no guests or visitors) who are currently being homeschooled and who have met the requirements set for that event (such as age, fee, sign-up, etc.). Older or younger siblings of 7th-12th grade students may attend Teen Nights if necessary, but may not participate in Teen Night activities.

Required Conduct

  1. Teens are privileged to participate and are expected to obey the terms of the covenant they signed.
  2. Bad conduct will not be tolerated and repeat infractions will forfeit the teen's future privileges.  At the discretion of the Teen Night Committee, this could result in the termination of Teen Night privileges for the violator for the rest of the semester or year.
  3. Teens are expected to dress appropriately for planned activity. Please use discretion and consideration for all CHE members in the area of dress.  Decisions will be made by the current host and/or Teen Night committee.
  4. No Public Displays of Affection will be allowed. Teen nights are not to be used as a date night. Parents will be notified and teens will be sent home and may lose privilege of attending the next Teen Night.
  5. Host should be reminded that dances are prohibited and asked to use discretion and consideration for all CHE members in the area of music.
  6. Teens that drive will not be permitted to leave with children they did not bring unless prior approval has been given by a parent to the current host or Teen Night committee member.
  7. No roughhousing or behavior that disrupts planned activities. Repeated infractions will forfeit future Teen Night privileges.

Hosts Responsibilities

  1. Host families need to get date, time, cost, and place approved by Teen Night Committee.
  2. We encourage that two or more families work together to plan a Teen Night.
  3. Teen Night chairman needs all information concerning Teen Night from host/hosts 3 weeks in advance so event can be posted on the CHE web site calendar.
  4. At least one member of the Teen Night Committee should be present at each Teen Night.