THINK DAY General Information

THINK Day General Information

Mission Statement

To offer educationally-rewarding classes for school-aged children. Since we welcome all home educating families, THINK Day classes do not include religious instruction, shared prayer, or faith-based content. 


Classes are held at the Spirit of Life Unitarian Universalist Church (SLUU), located at 18412 Burrell Rd. in Odessa, FL, 33556.

Allergy Awareness

Precaution must be taken when bringing food to THINK Day. Please do not bring in any form the following items: peanuts, tree nuts, peanut butter, trail mix, granola or granola bars.  Please read package labels to make sure that the food products you are bringing to THINK do not contain peanuts or any other nut product. Baked goods made at home are allowed as long as they are free of nuts or nut-based flours.  For the safety of all children, food sharing is not allowed at THINK.  Contact Myla Roberts with any questions: [email protected]

Cost of Participating in THINK Day

  • THINK membership is $21 per family, per academic calendar year goes toward website hosting, business and domain name expenses.
  • A per-semester, per-family fee of $35 goes towards rent and supplies used on THINK Days.
  • Tuition varies depending on which classes you choose (families may take as many or as few classes as they like). 

Parent Responsibilities

YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THE PREMISES when your children are in class unless there is an adult on the premises whom you mutually designate to take responsibility for your children in your absence. You must sign your child out in the THINK book should you need to leave the premises. 


You will be asked to read, print, sign, and submit a copy of the THINK Rules document before your child may attend any classes. 

THINK Day Schedule

THINK Day semesters consist of 12 class days held on Mondays from 9:30AM to 3:30PM. There are 5 one-hour class periods offered throughout the day as well as a lunch period. Families may take as many or as few classes as they like. 

Age Requirements

  • Pre-K and K students: While we welcome new members, please be aware that THINK is for homeschooling families and those planning to homeschool. We are NOT a preschool program. Should a class for the pre-K age group become full, priority will always be given to families who have an older sibling attending THINK Day classes. In order to register for classes geared for pre-K students, the student must be the minimum age by the first day of class. In other words, if the class is for ages 4-6, your 4-year-old must be 4 on the first day of class.  If the class is for ages 5-7, your 5-year-old must be 5 on the first day of class.
  • School age students: Students ages 5 and up may register for a class if they turn the minimum age by the middle of the semester. For example, if a class is offered with an age range of 8-10, and a 7-year-old will turn 8 by the 6th Monday in the semester, he or she may register for that class. If a class is offered for ages 6-8, a 5-year-old may take it as long as he or she turns 6 by the midway point of the semester.

What do I have to do to HELP at THINK Day?

Realize that THINK is a cooperative effort. No one gets paid to run THINK days. Therefore, THINK needs your help to make the day a success for our children. You will be assigned a job or two, such as: teacher/classroom assistants, lunchroom set-up/clean up, morning set-up crew, and an end-of-day/afternoon clean-up crew. Assignments are given as fairly as possible, taking into consideration each family's usage of THINK Day. 

Absences from THINK Day

If your family is going to be absent from a THINK Day, please send a courtesy absence notification found under the "THINK Day Classes" tab. It’s important for teachers to know in advance that your child won't be attending a particular class so time isn’t spent waiting for them. If you know ahead of time that you will be absent, please make arrangements for your job(s) to be covered. If you have to be absent at the last minute post to the THINK fb page and/or to the absence notification tab by 9:15 AM so that your job duties can be covered. 


Please ensure weekly that your child brings any homework and/or supplies requested by the teacher. 

Lunch Hour

Lunch is from 12:30 PM – 1:25 PM in the pavilion outside. After the children eat, many families like to go outdoors to play (see Outdoor Play below). Families choosing to stay indoors may play indoor games with parental supervision. 

Outdoor Play

Spirit of Life UU is surrounded by large grassy areas where the children can play if they are supervised by their own parent. Bring a ball or some outdoor toys, if you like. There is also a small playset. Please be respectful of the memorial garden, as well as the other landscaped areas around the facility. Climbing trees is not allowed as it presents an insurance issue for the church. BE AWARE that this is rural Florida: Your child may encounter fire ants, pygmy rattlesnakes, and other potentially dangerous creatures native to the area. Members need to tell children about these dangers and supervise children when they are playing. The church and THINK are not held responsible for any injuries your child may sustain. 

Nursery Area

An area will be open all day for families with young toddlers or babies to have a safe environment to talk and play while their older siblings are in class. Your presence is required, at all times, should your child utilize the nursery.  Parents are encouraged to organize activities for this age group.  

Good Citizenship

Please keep in mind that we ALL need to pitch in throughout the day and make sure that we keep things clean and in good condition. Remind your children about the meaning of good citizenship - If you drop it, pick it up; If you spill it, wipe it up; If you open it, close it, and so on. Most importantly, we are all in this together. We are a cooperative. There is no such thing as, "It's not my job." It is a privilege to be allowed to use this nice facility, and if we all pitch in we will be welcome here for semesters to come. Let's work together to leave the facility as we found it or even better! 

Thanks for helping to make THINK Day such a great place to be! 

If you have further questions about THINK Day, email us at [email protected]