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Thank you for your interest in THINK. 

We are a homeschool co-op with a diverse membership of about 90 families, each with their own unique approach to homeschooling.  There are two qualities that distinguish THINK from other homeschool co-ops in the area: 

  1. We are a secular group. We accept people of all faiths; however, we do not offer faith-based  content or shared prayer at any of our functions.
  2. We are an allergy-sensitive group. Any food that is brought to any of our functions must adhere to our nut-free guidelines.

THINK membership is open to all homeschooling families who share the mission stated below and want to network with other like-minded families:

To provide an environment for homeschooling families to share educational resources and camaraderie, and to encourage learning in its broadest sense.

THINK Membership Benefits Include:

  • THINK Day Classes:
    • Held on Mondays in Odessa during two different 12-week semesters in the fall and spring.
    • Provide lots of wonderful opportunities for social interaction with about 30+ families participating each semester
    • Consist of a 5-period schedule created each semester based on the interests of members
    • Taught by parents and professional teachers
    • Take as many or as few classes as you like. Costs vary depending on classes chosen. There is a per-semester, per-family fee of $35 which goes towards rent and supplies used on THINK Days
    • NOTE: Although 4-year-olds may enroll in classes with a 4+ designation, THINK is for homeschooling families and those planning to homeschool. We are NOT a preschool program. Should a class for this age group become full, priority will always be given to families who have an older sibling attending THINK Day classes.
  • Field Trips, Outings, Community Events and Service Projects:
    • Planned by members throughout the year to provide opportunities for children and families to get to know each other outside of THINK Day and enjoy educational experiences together.  Costs, if any, are paid by each family.
  • Annual Events (dependent upon member interest):
    • Annual Spring Showcase
    • End of Semester Party/End of Year Party
    • Used Curriculum Swap
  • Discounted FPEA Membership
    • Join the Florida Parent Educator’s Association at a discounted rate as a THINK member. The FPEA is Florida’s largest homeschool group that hosts an annual convention with many seminars and a huge curriculum fair. For more information on FPEA please visit their site www.fpea.com.
  • Family Web Page:
    • Access and create a password protected family web page to share with family and friends. This site allows THINK members to really get to know each other and share their news.
  • Links:
    • Access to loads of resources and links.

To become a member, click here and complete the membership registration form.

Membership is $20 per academic year.

Our academic year begins on June 1 and ends on May 31.