THINK Day Rules


1. Parent/Guardian Responsibility: Parents/Guardians are responsible for their child/children during THINK DAY, at all times. THINK DAY is not a drop-off activity, and other THINK members, coordinators, etc. will not assume responsibility for your child. It is imperative that you understand that your child/children must be supervised at all times. Even if you are okay with allowing your child to be unsupervised, THINK is not. If a Parent/Guardian must leave the premises during THINK DAY, that Parent/ Guardian must authorize, in writing, a designated adult who agrees to take responsibility for their child/children during the Parent's/Guardian's absence. There is a sign-out sheet, in addition to a Medical Emergency Release Form, in the kitchen for this purpose.

I understand and agree to the above rule__________ (parent’s initials)

2. Allergy Awareness: THIS IS AN ALLERGY SENSITIVE GROUP. Several children who are or may become involved in activities have life threatening allergies to certain food items. By signing this document, you are agreeing to NOT bring peanuts, peanut butter, tree nuts, trail mix, granola, granola bars of any kind to THINK Day or any THINK related activity/event. Home baked goods must be free of nuts and nut flours. Disregard to this policy is GROUNDS FOR DISMISSAL FROM THE GROUP WITHOUT EXCEPTION. No refunds for THINK membership, THINK Day classes and related fees associated with such classes, and/or related events will be issued to offending families.

This is a life or death matter and must be taken very seriously. _________ (parent’s initials)

3. Job Assignment: No one gets paid to run THINK; it is a cooperative. Therefore, each parent will be assigned duties at THINK Day. Possible job assignments are classroom monitor, morning set-up, afternoon clean-up, lunch time set up and clean up, and being on call to help in whatever capacity might be needed. Please help THINK Day run smoothly by performing whatever task is assigned to you.

I understand and agree to help set-up and clean up, and/or other jobs for the benefit of the

group. _________ (parent’s initials)

4. Outdoor Play: Parental supervision is required for any/all students utilizing the grounds outside the facility. Please be respectful of the memorial garden, as well as the other landscaped areas. NOTE: THIS IS RURAL FLORIDA. YOUR CHILD MAY ENCOUNTER FIRE ANTS, VENOMOUS SNAKES, AND OTHER NATIVE ANIMALS. ALSO, AT THE CHURCH’S REQUEST, THERE IS NO TREE CLIMBING. Proper attire is required. This includes shoes.

5. Classroom Etiquette: Appropriate classroom behavior is expected both from students and from parents who choose to accompany their child to class. This will be strictly enforced by both the instructor and the THINK Team. If you are sitting in a classroom with your child, please be respectful of the teacher and other students who have paid to attend the class, so as not to disturb the lesson. A teacher or classroom monitor may ask you to be quiet or leave the room if you are distracting to the learning process. We also ask that each of the students promote an attitude of honesty, respect and integrity with each other. No dangerous, disorderly or disrespectful behavior to teachers, other adults, other children, or the facilities will be tolerated. Common courtesy and good manners are expected of both students and parents in all areas of the facility. This includes using appropriate language and age appropriate discussion topics and content.

6. Facility Guidelines: While sharing a space with SLUU, we must be respectful of their facility and property. Using SLUU’s office supplies and equipment (computer, printer, etc) is off limits. Items from the kitchen such as utensils, coffee cups, etc may be used but must be washed & returned to their spot when finished. 

7. Sickness: If a child is sick, showing symptoms such as a temperature of 100 degrees or more, rash, vomiting, nasal discharge, the flu or diarrhea, you must keep your child home. If these symptoms are noticed at THINK Day, you will be asked to remove your child from the facilities to prevent others from getting sick as well.

8.Absence/Tardiness: If your family will miss classes for any reason, please send a courtesy notification so teachers and coordinators are aware, found in the drop-down menu under "THINK Day Classes". Otherwise, it is imperative that your family make every effort to be present at the beginning of each class period so as not to disturb a class in progress with late arrivals. Keep in mind that excessive tardiness reflects badly on our group and may cause teachers to think twice about offering classes at THINK.

9. Class Drop Policy: After the open enrollment period ends, fees for classes and facility rental are generally non-refundable. For details, review the information regarding registration and class drops under “Important—Please Read” tab.

10. Weapons & Intoxicants Policy: No weapons (pocket knives included) or intoxicants/drugs of any kind are to be brought onto the THINK property.

11. Bias, Discrimination and Hate: THINK is an inclusive community; all are welcome. As such, we can not and will not tolerate divisive symbols, slogans of hatred, or bigotry of any kind; any violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the group..

12. Mobile Device Policy: Students are not permitted to be on mobile devices during class time, unless authorized by the teacher for class purposes.

13. THINK reserves the right to deny participation to any family or student for any reason, and failure to comply with the policies set forth herein will jeopardize the privilege to participate in the co-op.

14. Forum and Facebook posts must be friendly and relevent to THINK. Posts containing rude or off-topic content can be deleted. This includes pictures of get-togethers that were not on the calendar (private playdates), cute cat pics, etc. 

I have read and I agree to comply with the THINK DAY rules listed above and have initialed items #1, #2, and #3. I agree to assume all risk of physical injury and/or any other injury that could result from participation in any of the activities, classes, or events that I or my family participate in through THINK, and will not in any way hold any member of THINK or Spirit of Life UU liable for any incident that may occur. I also understand that as a parent or guardian, I am held solely responsible for the behavior and safety of my child(ren) at all times.

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