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Mr. Sean McCrary To All Instructors

Sean McCrary is the Director of Business Operational Intelligence for the Life Science Solutions Group at Thermo Fisher Scientific, where he expertly leads multiple teams including Data Partners, Data Analysts, Data Engineering, and Data Connections. He is passionate about leveraging data to drive business value, and his expertise is centered around enhancing operational efficiencies through analytics. Sean holds a BA in Biology from the University of San Diego and worked on his MS in Biological Sciences at Cal State San Marcos. Additionally, he is certified in Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and holds an APICS CPIM certification, reflecting his deep commitment to operational excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sean has a profound appreciation for the natural world, often reflecting on the intersection of creation and divine design. He finds deep fulfillment in understanding how the complexities and beauties of nature can be seen as manifestations of God’s handiwork, blending his scientific background with his Christian beliefs to inspire a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things.

Current Classes
Exploring Creation: A Hands on Science Experience – (open)