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Robert Malone To All Instructors

I grew up in Escondido where my family attended Emmanuel Faith Community Church for many years. There, I first understood the Gospel and got saved by the shed blood of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

As a child I became very interested in physics, mathematics and computers. I spent much of my childhood writing computer programs and solving math and science problems. When I was 16, I got to attend Caltech where I met the legendary Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman when he gave some guest lectures on quantum mechanics to our class. That experience was very inspiring, and I subsequently spent over 10 years in universities studying and teaching physics and mathematics. I always hope to inspire my own students the way that Professor Feynman inspired me.

One of my most favorite experiences is the “Aha!” or “Eureka!” feeling – the flash of insight when a difficult concept that was previously murky and confusing suddenly becomes clear and obvious. I love it when I can help my students experience that flash of insight feeling too!

Subjects I have previously taught, mostly at the university level: Computer Programming, Philosophical Logic, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Mechanics, and Electromagnetism.

Current Classes
Electricity and Electronics – (open)
Exploring Mathematics with Computer Programming – (open)