CHOICE Homeschool Group

Christmas Party


One of CHOICE's biggest events is our Christmas Party! Everybody loves Christmas! Are you on the Christmas Party Planning Committee? Here are some ideas to make it fun!

1. Location:

  • The Gym at Whitefield Baptist Church is large enough to hold everyone at one time. They have a kitchen where we can cook or prep food if you are planning on eating at the party, and they have a cafe with tables and chairs for everyone to sit at to eat.

  • We have had Christmas parties for different age groups at individuals' houses. This is a good plan if you want to do more specific age-related games and activities without having to keep up with all of your kids. The downside to this format is that families may have to attend multiple Christmas parties.

  • Consider the weather. Places like Williamston's Mineral Spring Park are already decorated for Christmas and make a great place for the kids to play.

2. Cost:

  • The Christmas Party is usually made possible due to donations from families. The Christmas Party Planning Committee donates what they can. If they decide they want more than they can afford, they can ask families to bring certain items.

  • If the Christmas Party Planning Committee would like to spend money that they don't want to take from families, they can ask the Treasurer how much money is in our event fund and if there is enough to cover what they want to buy.

3. Date:

  • December - When deciding on a date, look at the rest of the CHOICE calendar to make sure it does not overlap with other CHOICE events. There usually isn't anything else going on in December, but Christmas time is a very busy time of the year.

  • Week Days - Since everyone will probably be together, weekdays work great since most families probably have other Christmas plans on the weekends.

4. Time:

  • Two Hours -  Any time between 11:00 and 4:00 is great. The party typically lasts for two hours. We have tried having it for three hours before, but most people still leave after two hours.

  • Setup - The Christmas Party Planning Commitee typically arrives thirty minutes to an hour ahead of the party to decorate and setup for the party.

  • Clean-up - When planning the time, make sure to include about thirty minutes after for clean-up. If you can have everyone help before they leave, your clean-up time will go a lot faster.

5. Theme:

  • Sometimes we have had themes other than the regualar Christmas theme.

  • Past themes include Christmas Pajama Party and Breakfast for Lunch.

6. Food:

  • If the party is during lunch time, you can ask families to bring food for a potluck-style lunch.

  • If the party is in the afternoon, you can have snacks and hot chocolate.

7. Games and Activities:

  • You can play small group games or large group games.

  • You can plan sit-down activities or have generic stations that the kids can visit anytime they want.

  • Past activities include the Plastic-Wrap Gift Game, the White Elephant Game, a cookie decorating station, an ornament making station, a Christmas card making station, jumpy castles, watching a short Christmas movie, Minute-To-Win-It Games, and a dress-up contest.


**Click here to see a list of the supplies CHOICE has for you to use if you want**