Broward Homeschool Parent Support Group

Letter of intent for Dade


Division of Student Services



Florida Home Education Program

489 East Drive

Miami Springs, FL 33166


Subject: Notice of Intent to Establish a Home Education Program


To Whom It May Concern:

In compliance with Section 232.02(4)(B)(1), Florida Statute, this serves as written notice of our intent to

home educate our child (ren). Please refer to the following for the information required by this law.


Child’s Name                             Birthdate                                        Social Security # (optional)


______________                      _____________                                _________________________


_______________                     _____________                              __________________________


_______________                   _______________                            ___________________________


_____________                        ______________                             ____________________________



Home Address:


Home Phone Number (optional):____________________________________________________________



(Parent’s Signature)______________________________


(Parent’s Name- Please Print) ______________________