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New Member Registration

How to Apply for Membership:

Please take a moment to read through the important information below plus our various web links, including our Statement of Faith and Honor Code, before sending the application. If you believe that membership in FHCHE is a good fit for your family, simply return to the home page and select the "Membership Application" link on the right side of the page. FHCHE is a private group. Membership applicants must agree to abide by our Honor Code and support our Statement of Faith, Vision & Purpose.  Also, all members must sign a Waiver and include all family members’ names, plus extended family members who have permission to accompany their children to events. Memberships are offered “by family” under the presumption that the family is currently educating or planning to educate their children at home. While an applicant's personal belief in the tenets of our Statement of Faith is not a prerequisite for membership, applicants will indicate their understanding that we operate within the framework of our Statement of Faith.

Membership is open to homeschooling families who have children with disabilities, however FHCHE does not offer programs designed  specifically for those with disabilities. FHCHE will make reasonable accommodations that are not cost-prohibitive in order to include children with disabilities in our activities as deemed appropriate by the parent(s) and with the parent(s)’ supervision.  Membership will be denied to any applicant who could reasonably be deemed to pose a safety risk for our members (including but not limited to sex offenders).  All persons wishing to become members shall apply for membership and member applications will be reviewed by the New Member Coordinator.

Our membership enrollment fee covers our website fees, insurance policy and additional administrative costs. Nominal fees are charged throughout the year for some events and field trips. You may purchase a copy of our yearbook for an additional fee. Our PE/park days have no additional fees associated with them. We seek only to cover our costs associated with our offerings and research every avenue for keeping the fees as minimal as possible.

If you have any additional questions about membership, you are welcome to contact our New Member Coordinator, Tara Olson, tko317@cox.net. To request membership, please Submit your Membership Application HERE.

The $45.00 fee for those who join in March, April or May will include a membership for the following school year. Checks are accepted but must clear the bank prior to membership approval. Bank fees will be incurred for returned checks. Members enjoy a 14-day grace period during which they will receive a full refund of their membership fee if requested in writing to the New Member Coordinator. After 14 days of membership, no refunds will be given for a member- initiated withdrawal. Withdrawing members will be “parked” for the balance of the school year with the opportunity to reactivate their membership for the current school year.