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New Member Registration

New Member Registration!

We are updating our website so please bear with us! Clik on "Join" at the top right of the browser to start registration or reach out to one of our members at 480-765-7376 or 480-244-2528 with any questions!


Step 1- Reach out!

ALL applicants must contact one of our New Member Coordinators prior to joining. You may fill out the registration first, however, you will not be granted access until contact has been made to ensure all applicants understand exactly what this group is about, what we expect, what you the Parents should expect, and payment has been made for registration. Please contact one of our members with any questions you have about our group! We hope you join us!

Michelle Lambert



Tracy Alcorn-Banning



Step 2 - Fill out the Form on the "Join" tab at the top of the webpage.  If you have any questions about our group feel free to reach out to one of our members before you register. Make sure you use a current email address during registration.

Step 3 - Fill out the  "Waiver and Release of Liabilty" form: An email will be sent to you with the form to fill out for your family. Simply print it, sign it, scan it or take a picture, and email it back!

Step 4 - Payment.  Annual dues of  $30 must be paid before website access will be granted. For your convieniance you can now pay through PayPal!   Simply go to paypal.me/FHCHE and click on "SEND", sign into your account, and then add your $30 payment amount and a note that the payment is for "NEW MEMBERSHIP". You can also pay by check at one of our meetings if you prefer.


If you have any questions or trouble signing up please let us know!  We look forward to you joining our homeschool family!


*Checks are accepted but must clear the bank prior to membership approval. Bank fees will be incurred for returned checks. Members enjoy a 14-day grace period during which they will receive a full refund of their membership fee if requested in writing to the New Member Coordinator. After 14 days of membership, no refunds will be given for a member- initiated withdrawal. Withdrawing members will be “parked” for the balance of the school year with the opportunity to reactivate their membership for the current school year. Inactive members that have not participated in any events for 2 months will be "parked".