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Fountain Hills Christian Home Educators (FHCHE)


Who We Are

Fountain Hills Christian Home Educators (FHCHE) is a local support group for Fountain Hills, Arizona homeschool families. Though families need not be Christian to join or participate in group activities, we are unquestionably Christian! We seek to honor Christ in all FHCHE sponsored events and activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to glorify God while providing fellowship, educational activities, information, inspiration, and support to homeschooling families. We believe Christ is the foundation of learning and seek His loving example in teaching our children and serving each other. We respect each family’s right to choose their specific school curriculum and educational methodology.  We strive to love one another as Jesus has loved us.

9 Important Reasons to Belong to our Support Group:

  1. Someone needs you! Whether you are a new homeschooling family with new ideas, or an experienced family with prior knowledge to pass along, our organization is based on the Christian principle of helping others in need.  Share your ideas and experiences with your homeschool brothers and sisters!

  2. Receive fellowship and encouragement. It's always nice to reaffirm that you're not the only crazy homeschool family in this world.

  3. Unite with other homeschoolers, both locally and statewide for influence in numbers.

  4. An opportunity to see what works  and what didn't work with other homeschool families.

  5. Receive exposure to a wider variety of educational ideas, materials, and opportunities. Homeschoolers share their resources!

  6. Benefit from group outing discounts and special rates on classes.

  7. Receive our group directory and link-up with other families with similar interests.

  8. Join our email list to get the latest event updates.

  9. You might just have a little fun with us!

If you are looking for a homeschool support group co-op and do not live in or near Fountain Hills, you are invited to visit  www.afhe.org (Arizona Families for Home Education) for support groups in your area.