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Field Trip Guidelines

Field Trip Guidelines

Please be sure to abide by these field trip guidelines:

  1. As our organization is unable to be aware of and monitor every child at every field trip, each member family bears the responsibility of ensuring that their children pose no real or perceived safety risks to others.  

  2. Please monitor your children.  Please DO NOT allow your children to run around during a field trip.  

  3. Please instruct your children to raise their hand and wait to be called on in order to speak on guided field trips and at other appropriate venues. Also, remind them to pay close attention to the adult leader and to follow instructions..

  4. Please take your child outside of the field trip area if they are disruptive.

  5. No child should be left alone on any field trip with less than two adults present (unless the adult is the student’s parent or guardian).

  6. Parents are responsible for their children at all times at both public and private venues, as FHCHE offers no drop-off field trips.

  7. Members are allowed to prearrange for other members to assume responsibility for their children on field trips.

  8. Please practice at home with your children, to train them to sit still, stand still, follow instructions, and raise their hand to ask questions.  

  9. Please remind your children how to conduct themselves and to thank the field trip leader/instructor.