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Participation Guidelines


As a Christian homeschool group, we take seriously our responsibility to make every reasonable attempt to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere at our events for our member families. We have enjoyed a long history of God's protection and favor over our membership, and we pray for many more. We are aware, however, of the ever-changing and challenging cultural climate in which we live and operate. In order to follow the Biblical mandate of being "wise as serpents and harmless as doves" (Matthew 10:16), We have agreed to adhere to wise counsel given by experts in homeschool non-profit organizations regarding participation in events and field trips.  Please take a few moments to become familiar with our guidelines as follows:


FHCHE’s calendared events are limited to member families, with the exception of three introductory visits by prospective member families. In order to allow extended adult family members to accompany children to events. A waiver must be signed No one may attend a FHCHE event if they could reasonably be deemed to pose a safety risk for our members (including but not limited to sex offenders). As our organization is unable to be aware of and monitor every guest at every event, each member family bears the responsibility for their guest(s)ensuring that they pose no real or perceived safety risks to others. No student should be left alone at any event with less than two adults present (unless the adult is the student’s parent or guardian). Parents are responsible for their children at all times at both public and private venues. Members are allowed to prearrange for other members to assume responsibility for their kids on field trips.


Registration for field trips is complete once payment is made.  Field trip fees are non-refundable. If a member family is unable to participate in a afield trip for which they have already paid, they are welcome to gift their openings to another FHCHE family or sell them privately by advertising them on our website forum. Please be sure to read our Field Trip Guidelines.