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FHCHE Offerings

Fountain Hills Christian Home Educators Offerings


  1. Co-op – Co-op classes are held every Monday.  Please read our Co-Op Procedures below before signing up.  There is a small church donation of $20 per student, per semester, max of $50 per family, per semester.  Most classes are free and taught by volunteer homeschool moms.  Except for our science classes that are taught by a homeschool mom with a science major who worked in a lab right out of college.  

  2. Weekly PE 


  1. Monthly Field Trips (each mom picks a month to plan a trip)

  2. Monthly Speak-Ups

  3. Yearbook – Once a month during Co-op on Mondays.

  4. Every year we have 4 Fairs - Science, Geography, Biography and Fine Arts Fair

  5. Christmas Party

  6. Monthly Meetings 

  7. Mom’s Night Out

FHCHE Co-Op Procedures

Rules for all Families Participating in a Co-op Class:

  1. Emails - FHCHE forum emails must be read on a weekly basis.  Co-op teachers need to have a way to communicate with the parents and email is the easiest way.  Also, please forward any emails to your kids that are applicable.

  2. Visit Teachers - It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with their child’s teacher(s) on a monthly basis. This can be done by visiting before or after class to check on your student’s progress. Be sure to ask how your student is doing, do not make the teacher have to ask you to talk.

  3. Dropping Class or Absent - Please always let your child’s teacher know if you need to drop their class or if your child will be absent.  Thank you!

  4. Children 8 Years or younger - Co-operative class offerings are not a drop off/pick up event. Parents are responsible for their children at all times while at the Co-op campus location (SOTH).Parents must stay with children 8 years or younger who are participating in the co-op.

  5. Co-op Helpers - All parents with children participating in the co-op must help in some small way.  Listed below under “Ways to Help” are a few areas parents can sign-up to help next year i.e. send reminder emails, schedule study hall moms, collect dues, sit in once a month for study hall, etc.  These small ways add up to a lot...thank you!

  6. Church Property - All children are expected to take care of the church property.  Please no running inside the building(s) or talking really loud (other classrooms may be in use once in awhile)  Clean up after themselves.

  7. Lunch - The kids can heat up their food in one of the classrooms which has a microwave and a sink.  Please encourage your kids to eat outside. By eating outside, this will make set-up for the next class easier, protect the church’s carpet...and less vacuuming after will be needed.  Thank you!

  8. Church Supplies - Please bring your own plates, napkins, cups, and silverware for your lunches each week.   

  9. Trash - Please reinforce to your children the importance of picking up after themselves and not leaving trash around the church.  If not picked up it blows around the church.

  10. Clean-Up Tables - All tables need to be cleaned after each class.  Ask your child to remove their books and supplies after each class, and push in their chairs, so the next class can be ready or the room is picked up for the day.

  11. A/C - No child should turn on the A/C, only an adult.  Please check that all doors have been shut first.  Also, remember to turn-off when done or remind the next teacher to turn-off!  

  12. Picking Up - Please ask your children before leaving to make sure they have all of the items they came with.


II. Ways Co-op parents can help (Non-Teachers):

  1. Co-op Dues - Twice a year, August/September and January, collect co-op dues from all participating families.  Calculated as follows: $20 per student, per semester maximum of $50 per family per semester. Also, purchase a card, have all the moms and kids sign it, then give it to the Co Op Coordinator for Shepherd of the Hills for a love offering.

  2. Lunch, Games, & Clean-Up Supervisor  - Watch the kids during lunch time, supervise games, and start clean-up.  Must watch kids at all times, no reading or working.

  3. Study Hall Monitor - Supervise study hall, times vary.  Mom’s must watch kids at all times, if they are playing outside, no reading or working on computer. If kids are inside playing nicely at a table or studying, then parent can read in the same room.

  4. Email Moms & Kids Each Week - remind them of their weekly duties - In charge of reminding kids to do their chores each week. Kid’s chores - wipe down all the tables and counters & microwave, slide in all the chairs, pick up any trash and empty all trash, and vacuum all rooms!  Mom’s email those who are scheduled for lunch and study hall.

  5. Closing Up - Lights off, A/C off, check all the classrooms to be sure they’re locked.  Check to see if the bathroom counter needs wiped down and lights off.

Co-Op Leader - Responsible for scheduling moms to help in the five ways listed above