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Where does FHCHE primarily meet?

Our activities are held in Fountain Hills. Field trips are scheduled around the valley and beyond.

What activities can I expect in FHCHE?

Fountain Hills Christian Home Educators (FHCHE) is completely volunteer-led. These events are typically offered each year, depending on the level of volunteer help to organize each event:

  • Field trips

  • Moms' Nights Out

  • Park Days

  • Holiday Parties (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day & Easter)

  • Science, Biography, & Geography

  • Evening of the Arts (Art Fair & Talent Show)

  • Fall Kick-Off

  • Teen group

  • Yearbook

Do you have age-specific activities?

Homeschooling is a multi-generational adventure!  Most of our activities and events can be attended by all ages, however we do have a few activities that are age-specific.

Do you have a teen group?

All of our activities are open to teens and we encourage them to participate and be a positive role model to our younger members.  We plan a monthly Teen Night (a game night or similar) for students age 13-18, hosted by parents of the teens.  We also offer a Tween Night for the younger kids, if enough parents volunteer to host.

Do you offer academic or enrichment classes?

FHCHE has a wonderful Co-op each Tuesday.