GOCO Giving Our Children Opportunities

About Our Co-Op

Our Co-op classes meet on Fridays in the Memorial area.

Welcome to GOCO!  We are a Christian homeschool community co-op, intent on glorifying Jesus as we gather weekly to enrich our childrens' educational experiences and serve homeschooling families closer to the downtown area. 

GOCO stands for Giving Our Children Opportunities, and our co-op does just that.  It allows our children to enjoy enrichment classes with friends within the safe confines of a parent led program. Our full time program for 11 yrs old and younger students requires full time parent participation. Your oldest child must be at least 5 years old by September 1st of the current school year to qualify for full time membership.  Students who are 12 yr old and older may attend full time, or also have the option to participate on a part time basis and may be dropped off. 

If you are interested in this group you can email inquiries to Megan Cooper, President at GOCOLeader@gmail.com.

Class Registration

Registration for Spring 2018 is now over. We will open Fall 2019 Registration in the summer.

The spring semester will run from Friday January 11th to Friday April 12th. To schedule a visit, please email GOCOleader@gmail.com.

Click on the links below for our schedule & class descriptions.

2018-19 Schedule

2018-19 Class Descriptions