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About CHEACC, Inc. ...

Our History:

CHEACC, Inc. began as Christian Home Educators Association of Collier County (CHEACC) in 1987 with just three women who had either begun home schooling or were just considering their options. At that time, home education was not very popular, especially in Collier County. It began as an adventure of sorts; embarking on a new experience of educating and schooling your children at home. Meetings were held at local parks, and soon families began to open their homes for meetings as well. The meetings were times of encouragement and support, sharing joys of what worked, and lending an ear or shoulder during times of frustration.


By 1989, CHEACC had grown to a group of 12-15 families and began to meet at a local church. Meetings blended information for new home schoolers, support for current home schoolers, and uplifting Christian devotionals. In 1992, CHEACC’s membership expanded to over 30 families. In addition to its monthly meetings, CHEACC offered park days, field trips, and special classes.


By 1993, CHEACC had again doubled in size to over 60 families, which was a reflection of the overall growth of the home education movement. Now a Florida non-profit corporation, CHEACC, Inc. has over 225 families who enjoy the many benefits of membership. CHEACC, Inc. depends on the participation of its members to offer varied activities that will encourage and benefit each home school family.


Our Purpose:

The purpose of CHEACC, Inc. is to provide support and encouragement to local, Christian home school families. The organization was established upon basic Christian values and principles found in the authoritative Word of God. Individual members are encouraged to reflect those principles during CHEACC, Inc. functions and activities.


Our Focus:

At CHEACC, Inc. you’ll find a diversified group of home schooling families. Some members adhere to strict curriculum planning, while others follow learning through unit studies. There are also members enrolled in on-line courses of study and local co-ops. We encourage this diversity at CHEACC, Inc. We believe it is the responsibility of each family to decide their own home school philosophy and establish their own programs.


Our Membership:

The membership within CHEACC, Inc. is as diverse as each family’s home schooling philosophy. Some are families with pre-schoolers who are interested in learning more about home education. Others are first-time home schoolers who join CHEACC, Inc. to receive the much-needed support and encouragement for their new adventure; others are veteran home school families that have home schooled their children all the way through high school. Each family makes their own decisions concerning curriculum choices, lesson planning, and compliance with state and federal laws. CHEACC, Inc. simply serves as a vehicle for support, encouragement, and information so our members can home school more effectively.