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Annual Notification Forms

Links to forms are updated annually and available on the page linked above.

Testing Requirements

Acceptable testing links are updated annually and available on the page linked above.

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Annual Notification Forms

Full Report must be submitted 1 time by October 1.

Letter of Intent must be submitted annually by October 1 after the submission of a Full Report.

Testing Requirements

None given.

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Annual Forms

Notification of Exception Form

Standardized Testing Information

SD Law only requires all students (public, private, home educated) to take nationally standardized achievement tests in grades 4, 8 and 11 with the following exceptions:

  • If an 11th grader is no longer under compulsory attendance (age 18 or older) the testing is not required.

  • If an 11th grader is under age 18 but has taken the ACT or SAT tests, those test results can be submitted to satisfy the testing requirement.

Home educators are not required to participate in any other tests administered by the local school district.

The SD Department of Education does not have a list of accepted achievement tests. Any standardized achievement test that meets the following criteria will be accepted:

  • Must test Math, Reading/English.

  • Must present results in percentile form.

Under SD law, the local school district is required to provide testing materials to home educators if requested. With the state’s implementation of Common Core Curriculum, this is no longer a feasible option unless the home educator is using the Common Core Curriculum for their instruction. If you chose to provide and administer your own standardized tests you will need to do so at your own expense. A non-exhaustive list of test sources is provided below:

Bayside School Services:  www.baysideschoolservices.com

Bob Jones University Testing Services:  www.bjupress.com/testing/

Family Learning Organization:  www.familylearning.org

Peabody Individual Achievement Test (PIAT): hsadventures.org/test/peabody

Seton Home Study School:  www.setonhome.org

Thurber's Educational Assessments:  www.thurbers.net