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To become a member of HSN, you verify that you are currently homeschooling or intend to homeschool within the coming year. (NB: If you are a parked member, follow the directions provided in the "Parked" email. DO NOT REAPPLY for membership.)

As you complete the form, make sure you save the user name and password you choose; you will need them to log in later.

After you click the "continue" button, you will be directed to payment options for annual dues. Annual dues are $25 (check) or $26 (PayPal).

Your membership application will be processed within several days of receipt. You will not be able to access the members only section until your membership has been approved. If we do not receive payment of dues within a month of approving your request for membership, your access to the website will be suspended.

Please note that we require information about your children for insurance purposes only.  Birthdates are NOT public information - only ages are available to other members, if you have chosen to publish them in our member directory.  If you prefer to have these details available to ONLY HSN administrators, please UNcheck the box below this request of information entitled:  

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Additional Questions:

Periodically, photos from HSN events will be posted in the Photo Gallery for the enjoyment of member families. The Photo Gallery is a member only secure function of the HSN website. No pictures will be used without permission to promote or advertise the HSN group or activities. Please be assured that our member-only site is password protected and is not searchable by Google. Posted photos are not to include captions that give the names of individual children.  We look forward to sharing the memories of fun events with our member families.

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The HSN Board

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