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Curriculum Sale Guidelines

Curriculum Sale Guidelines

These are the guidelines for participating in the PEC Back to School Curriculum Sale.  Please read the following directions carefully.

To participate in the Book Sale, each seller will need to:

1.    Pay the fee, PayPal only. (This is a nonrefundable fee)
PEC members $5.00                   
Non-PEC members $10.00    

2.    Book preparation:

Use "blue painter's tape" and fold one end back slightly for easy removal. Then label each individual item that you'll be selling in the following manner:

a. Legibly print your first initial, last name and the price. (Ex. S. Smith, $1.00)

b. Label with grade level the material is best geared for: Preschool, Early Elem, Late Elem, Mid School, High School, and College Prep.

c. Include which subject category the material is: Math, Reading, Language/Grammar, Writing, Science/Health, Social Studies, Geography, History, Foreign Language, Music, Art, Computer, Bible/Character Training, and Educational Games/DVDs.

Example label:

Early Elem - Reading

d. Price your items using 25 cent increments.  Please make  these markings legible so they are easy to read.

e.  Labeling sets:  Mark each book in the set with blue tape with the following info:  Name, category and "set 1 of 3", 'set 2 of 3", etc.  Only the first book should have the set price.  If the set gets separated, the cashier will know that more books should be included in the sale. 

3.  Please sort by category (like categories together) and place in boxes.

4.    Drop of is between 8:00am and 8:30am, Saturday, June 8 at Connect Church in Royal Palm Beach. Just follow the "drop off" signs. The teens will be unloading your books.  Please make sure to check in with the attendant before leaving.

The cashiers will record the amount paid for each item sold.  It is important to use the "painter's tape" and to mark legibly because it makes it so much easier to keep track of how much you have sold.  At 1:15 you will be responsible for collecting and boxing all your unsold items. Please do not collect your items before 1:15.

**We encourage you to label some of your books HEF as a fundraiser for Home Education Foundation. Please be sure that your books would be something that someone would like to buy. We’ve had many books labeled HEF that were in poor conditions. These books should be labeled as in the example above, with HEF instead of a name.**

Example label:

Mid School Math
S. Smith (Please include your name.  If the books do not sell for HEF, they will revert back to you.)

5.    Gather your remaining items that did not sell beginning at 1:15 pm.

6.    If you fail to pick up your books and sale proceeds, the books will be donated and the money will become a donation to HEF.

7.    PEC will not be accepting any free books.  NO FREE BOOKS ARE TO BE DROPPED OFF.

8.    Any unclaimed items will become the property of PEC and will be used for donations.  You encourage you to search carefully for your books.  Please do not bring special or plastic containers because we will not be able to return them to you.

Time schedule:
8:00am to 8:30am Book Drop Off
10:00am to 1:00pm  Curriculum Sale
1:15 pm- Pack up your personal books.  Proceeds will be calculated and distributed as quickly as possible without compromising accuracy.

Please, please be patient with us.  It may take some time to calculate the proceeds.  That is why it is so important to legibly label every book.  Everyone will be working hard to make this sale a success.  Your patience is much appreciated.

If you have any questions you may contact Lena Uhren at