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Helping children develop a fun routine of fitness that will foster a healthy lifestyle.  

Each eight week program will focus on fundamentals of the specific sport (football, baseball, softball, & volleyball) & incorporate strength & conditioning exercises (pushups, sit-ups, sprints, calisthenics, etc..) to maximize performance. 

8 week sessions stand alone, meaning you can sign up for any one, or all independent of enrollment in the other sessions.  

Fit for Fun Calendar

Cost:  $85 per session, due before the 1st session meeting; annual $35 Registration Fee

Students will be provided with a "Fit for Fun" t-shirt which should be worn to each class session.  Students should dress in comfortable pants or shorts that are not tight or revealing and wear closed toes atheletic shoes unless otherwise directed for a specific sport.  

Upon successful completion of each session student will receive an iron-on badge to attach to their t-shirt.  Students must attend a minimum of six of the eight sessions in order to earn a badge.  

Please send your child with a refillable water bottle.  For some sessions additional equipment may be required, in which case the requirement will be noted at sign-ups.

Register:  Non- ETC members should register with ETC but may pay the "Fit for Fun" ONLY registration fee.  Members will see their Fit for Fun registration fee charged to their account.  Payment is due before the first session of the quarter.  Students must have an annual liability release form signed and on file before attending the first session.  

Enrollment is first come first served, with full-rights ETC members having the first opportunity to enroll.  All participants and attending parents or guardian are subject to thte ETC Policies and Code of Conduct.

At ETC, we know that field trips can be a fun way to get together and learn at the same time. We strive to offer opportunities & experiences to members that they would not be able to have by themselves. We try to vary the field trips so that they are fun and enjoyable for a varied amount of ages. We keep costs as low as we can by negotiating group rates so all our members can take part. We also have parties each semester for families to enjoy together that often include games, competitions, crafts, and more. We enjoy creating a space where you and your family can grow in community while making memories.

We appreciate all that mothers do for their family day in and day out. Motherhood is a full-time job and when you are homeschooling you have to be even more intentional about taking little opportunities to connect with other moms. At ETC, we feel that it is important to build relationships with one another and create a culture of support and community within the group. This is why we treasure our monthly Moms' Night Out. We invite all mothers in the group to take part in our Moms' Night Out events where we step away from the family for a short time to meet up, relax, encourage one another and laugh together over an evening of fellowship and dining.

Check the Calendar for the details and location of the next Moms' Night Out.

ETC Information Meeting
June 17 - Monday
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
NATURE STUDY - Hike & Swim at Kings River Natural Falls
4th Friday of the Month
12:00 PM - 03:00 PM
ETC Information Meeting
July 15 - Monday
01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
4th Friday of the Month
Instructor Training
August 5 - Monday
Instructor Training
August 6 - Tuesday
ALL Student & Parent Orientation
August 7 - Wednesday
CORE Orientation
August 8 - Thursday
BN Core & Joy School
August 13 - Tuesday
09:00 AM - 03:00 PM