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Field Trips

At ETC, we know that field trips can be a fun way to get together and learn at the same time. We strive to offer opportunities & experiences to members that they would not be able to have by themselves. We try to vary the field trips so that they are fun and enjoyable for a varied amount of ages. We keep costs as low as we can by negotiating group rates so all our members can take part. A few trips from this past year include: Right Choices Corn Maze, Christmas Train Ride, Life Cycles of a Star & park meet up, & the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. We also have yearly parties for Christmas and Valentine's Day that include games, competitions, and an opportunity for families to mingle. We enjoy creating a space where you and your family can grow in community while making memories!


Annual Right Choice Corn Maze Field Trip

ETC members gathered in the southwest corner of Missouri at the Right Choice Corn Maze for a Halloween-Free celebration of Fall.  We learned some interesting facts about corn; walked the maze; played in the pumpkin patch; greeted farm animals in the petting zoo; shot corn cobs across the field; "bathed" in a pit of dried corn; swung on an old fashioned tire swing; picnicked with friends in the welcomed autumn sun; and had a load of fun with our homeschooled friends.