Consortium Participation Requirements

Policies & Procedures

Each family's participation in the Consortium is also dependent upon their fulfillment of all of the membership requirements, specifically payment of the annual membership fee and submission of the signed Registration Form

By enrolling in and participating in the Consortium you are agreeing to abide by ETC Policies, including the Code of Conduct, and to hold your children to these policies as well.  Failure to adhere to these policies may result in your child's dismissal from his or her classes. 

Orientations & Parent Meetings

All ETC families are encouraged to participate in ETC activities outside of the Consortium class day.  This is how we build community.  However, some meetings are essential, therefore 1-2 orientations or parent meetings will be scheduled as mandatory each semester.  It is especially important that drop-off families stay connected by attending these required meetings.


The Consortium is a supplement to home-based education.  As such, member parents are expected to invest in ETC programs with both their time and their financial contributions.  Some parents pay more and therefore work less, as their contribution to the program.  Other parents work a great deal to offset their financial cost of involvement.  But as a partnering program for home-based education, all families are expected to contribute in both ways.  We realize that some parents have greater time limitations and other parents have more limitations on their financial means, so we have built as much flexibility into the Consortium program as we possibly can.  Please communicate with ETC leadership if you cannot readily find a way to make the program work.