Consortium Instructors


ETC Leadership cannot guarantee the precise content of every class on the schedule, and even if we could, it would not be agreeable to everyone in ETC, since our group includes families from a variety of denominations.  However, we do take the following precautions....

  • We do ask for personal, character, and employment references of all Instructors.
  • Those who are teaching courses with the potential for spiritual content are chosen very carefully.  Oversite for these courses and Instructor selection is given by ETC Board of Directors.
  • A non-negotiable condition of a teaching position in the Consortium is that each instructor is required to agree to refrain from teaching anything contrary to ETC's statement of faith
  • Instructors are asked to submit a list of the curricula they use as well as a week-by-week course of study in the form of a syllabus. A review of this information should help parents make wise choices about what is the best course selection for their own child.
  • A second adult (assistant) is assigned to some of our classes, in part, to ensure that Instructors hold to these guidelines in their classroom instruction.  When a dedicated assistant can't be placed in the class, a monitor for a few classes that are nearby one another provides that oversight.
  • Instructors also know that any parent is welcome to sit in on any class at any time.
  • Instructors are required to give any parent access to their teaching material at the Instructor's convenience upon request.

*** Even though we, as parents, are "out-sourcing" some of our children's education by participating in Consortium classes, it remains our God-given responsibility to keep guard over our child(ren)'s hearts and minds. Every parent with a child participating in Consortium is encouraged to talk with their child(ren) regularly about what they are learning in their classes.