2024/2025 Consortium Tuition & Fees

**New for Returning Members –

  • All fees, except supply fees, are included in the tuition.
  • There is no CAP on tuition for the number of classes per student OR the number of students per family. The total cost to attend is calculated by class.
  • Study Hall is 50% of class tuition.
  • Curriculum is not included.  Books and curriculum ranges in cost of approximately $15 for Kindergarten up to $300 for middle school through high school. 
  • There is no tuition charged for Bible classes or Assembly.  


Service comes with big benefits! Pricing is the same for all members (no Co-Op and Drop-Off rate); teaching and assisting are paid positions

  • Teaching 1 class all year pays $950 ($425/semester)

  • Assisting pays $15/hr


Monthly Payment Plans are available.


  • The remaining 70% of tuition can be deferred with an award letter from LEARNS or a signed teaching or assisting contract.  
  • Approved payment plans must be directly drafted through the ACH system from bank to bank.  A $50 late fee will be applied if your monthly drafted payment fails to process.  The 1st draft will be for the percentage that brings your approved payment plan up to date based on the payment schedule.
  • Payments by check or website are welcome but must be paid in full at Enrollment.  Enrollment is not confirmed until tuition and fees are paid.
  • Payments must be current for the student to attend class.  If tuition is unpaid the student will be moved to the waitlist
  • If you withdraw your student, LEARNS will only pay through the date of withdrawal. You will be responsible for the balance of tuition for the semester in which you withdraw.

Contact etcnwa@gmail.com with any questions about assisting or teaching. 

Note that each program is billed separately.  Service for one program impacts the tuition rate of that program only.