New for 2022/23

New for 2022-2023


All Levels

· Brief daily Assembly for announcements and prayer

· Consortium-wide character trait studies

· Individual classes for each grade

· Lead Teachers who coordinate the levels of each subject

· Greater regularity of communication from Instructors

· Systematic assignment and resource postings on Dashboard

· Daily attendance and weekly assessment updates

· Smaller class sizes

· Parent training for teaching methods and techniques


High School

· New course options for Math and Science

· Newly added Social Studies courses

· Newly added credit-worthy elective courses

· Media & digital device use allowed in Study Hall

· Improved training in essay writing and research paper writing

· Parent training for creating a transcript and issuing high school credits


Upper Grammar & Dialectic

· More Science course options

· Better preparation for IEW Writing through thorough grammar training


Lower & Middle Grammar Classes

· Two hours daily of Language Arts for 1st-4th grades

· Greater support for teaching students to read fluently

· Optional texts for History and Science classes


Preschool & Kindergarten

· Preschool classes for children as young as 2 ½

· Kindergarten-readiness lessons for 4 year olds

· More support and teaching for learning to read