Neurodiversity and Special Needs

ETC ministry is to home educating families.  We understand that sometimes those families include members who learn differently or face mental, emotional, or developmental challenges.  In 2022 ETC created a committee to address the needs of ETC families with neurodiverse learning and special needs. 

The COMMITTEE ON NEURODIVERSITY has been appointed to address some of the challenges we face in the Consortium as we work with students with different ways of learning.  The committee will: operate as a Family Liaison with ETC; develop training for Consortium Instructors to help them better serve neurodiverse students; develop strategies for integration, modifications, and accommodations in the classroom; work with the parent and Instructor to problem-solve when accommodations become more complicated or fail to serve the student; and balance the needs of the families that include one ore more neurodiverse student(s) with the needs of the entirety of the class population and the limits of time and training of the Instructors.

When inputting your membership information you will be asked to list any special needs, learning

disabilities or mental health problems that your student has which might impact his or her participation in classes or activities.  This information will be viewable by administrators and teachers only.  

We ask all members to keep in mind that ETC retains no trained, professional special needs staff and is not equipped to deal with some such issues.  Many of our teachers are willing to implement modifications or accommodations for special needs students, so communication with teachers is important.  Please discuss your child's specific needs with his or her teachers, but be prepared to provide personalized support if needed.