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We have set up this webpage as a communication tool for our group. It is primarily for discussion of anything related to homeschooling and our activities. We do require that someone already in the group either know you personally or meet with you OR that you attend one of our gatherings before we approve your membership. This is for the protection of our children from people who may not have their best interests in mind. Since membership for this website (and therefore the group) must be approved by the membership coordinator, please be aware that we may contact you via phone or email, if you are unknown to us, before approving your membership. If you do know someone already in the group, please tell us that in the 'Message to the Group Administrator' section below. We are not an exclusive group; you can be a part of our group as well as any other support group.

The cost for membership in this group is $7.50 which covers the cost of the webservice only. You may pay via paypal on the next page. If you have any questions or prefer to pay by cash or check, please email [email protected] for payment instructions.

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Parental Agreement

Thank you for joining Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families.

Our group has become so large at times that we have decided to add a step to our membership process that requires all parents to electronically sign a 'Parental Agreement' annually. We understand that all families raise and discipline their children in different ways and we encourage those differences as long as they are not abusive in any way. We have found that some structure is needed during certain events and felt it would be best to address everyone at the same time in this manner.

It is the responsibility of parents to monitor and control the behavior of their children while involved in any event sponsored by Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families.

All field trips, parties, events, etc. listed on the calendar are for Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families members unless otherwise specified. If the event is a sign up, please make sure that you sign up the correct number of people or talk to the event coordinator about bringing extra people.

During field trips, parties, and classes, please be considerate of others by being quiet inside the buildings and respectful of others' property and time.  Running in the hallways, disruptive behavior, and foul language or gestures are not allowed.

During group activities, parents will be expected to supervise their children and to correct harmful and/or negative behavior on the spot. If a parent must step out, please ask a fellow parent to watch your children and let your children know who that parent is…do not just leave the area without communicating to both your children and a fellow parent.

Please represent the homeschooling community in a positive way when we are out as a group.  Maintain control of your children and be appreciative of the efforts your field trip coordinator or party host and the facility we are visiting have put forth to provide an enjoyable experience for you and your family.  If you have concerns or complaints, go to the event’s coordinator or host first to achieve resolution. 

Before events, please remind children to be attentive and polite to the guide/teacher as well as to your fellow students.  This would include raising your hand to speak, not just shouting out answers and/or questions.  This also includes letting others have a chance to speak/answer. Remember to thank your guide/teacher before leaving.

Remember to set a good example for our students by resisting the urge to talk to other parents during the field trip except where appropriate.

Allow the children to ask the questions, rather than the parents.  This will ensure that the guide/teacher is gearing the talk toward the students and keeping them engaged and interested.  That said, if children aren't asking any questions, it never hurts to be the one to start them.

It is each participant’s responsibility to be informed of pricing and particulars of events by checking the group’s calendar prior to arrival.  Please observe any age limits or other restrictions as noted on the calendar sign up.

Please do your best to be on time, but not too early, to events. If you find that you cannot make it, please let someone know.

Members are expected to not engage in behavior that might disrepute the group or could jeopardize the welfare of our children or adult members.

Member families are expected to be respectful of the beliefs, lifestyles, and choices of other member families.

Aggressive behavior, physical and verbal abuse, including yelling at others, as well as offensive gestures, by members or member children will not be tolerated.

For the safety and protection of the children and the host family, SWFL-HSF activities are not “drop off” activities, unless specifically stated by the host.

Parents are expected to supervise their children at each activity, unless previous arrangements have been made with another parent to be responsible for the children.

Adults and children are expected to be respectful of other’s property. It is the responsibility of any member to fix or replace any property that they or their children have damaged.

When attending a SWFL-HSF event, the host family is not responsible for any injuries. It is the responsibility of the parents to provide for their own children’s safety.

In regard to issues of safety or protection of property only, if a host family is uncomfortable with the lack of supervision given by the parent or guardian of a child or children, then the host family should privately address the parent or guardian about their concerns. If the parent or guardian does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, then the host family may ask the offending family to immediately leave their home.

Weapons are not to be brought to any SWFL-HSF function.

SWFL-HSF expects those who choose to use alcohol and tobacco to do so legally, responsibly and with consideration for others. If an event is held at a residence, the host family must give permission beforehand.

Dispute: Should any dispute arise, issues should be resolved in an appropriate time, place, and manner.

We encourage children to try to work out differences with each other, along with the guidance of the parents, before the issue is escalated. Our hope is that the parents will help their children learn to be respectful to one another, and resolve their differences in a positive and constructive manner. Parents should model this behavior.

It is expected that if there is a problem with a child’s behavior, that problem will be addressed privately with the parent of the child before any other action is taken.

If there is an issue between parents, they are expected to work through their differences privately and respectfully. No gossiping.

If a situation cannot be resolved between children or parents, then that situation should be brought to the attention of the Membership Coordinator.

Consequences for noncompliance:

Any excessive or vicious attack, verbal or physical, will result in immediate ejection from the current activity.

 If any member or family fails to adhere to the Code of Conduct or Parental Agreement it should be brought to the attention of the Membership Coordinator. The Membership Coordinator will review the offenses and mediate an attempt at a resolution between both parties. If resolution cannot be reached, one or both parties will be asked to leave the group.

In extreme instances, the Membership Coordinator has the right to revoke membership without warning.

Parents are responsible for controlling their children’s behavior at all SWFL-HSF activities.

By typing your name, you are confirming that you have read and understand the Southwest Florida Homeschooling Families Parental Agreement. Your typed signature below represents your written signature and will be your binding agreement to follow these rules as outlined above.