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About Precept Christian School

Precept Christan School is a church school ministry of Menonite Christian Fellowship in Atmore, Alabama.  

MCF's homeschool ministry started in 1990 under Atmore Christian School.  In 2008 a seperate homeschool board was formed and the homeschool ministry was named Precept Christian School.  

As a legal church school, Precept Christian School meets all state regulation by:

  • Providing a church school enrollment form to the superintendent of the Board of Education for each child of compulsory age;
  • Keeping records of attendance provided by member families.

The purposes of Precept Christian School are:

  •  To allow parents to assume responsibility for the academic, social, and spiritual growth of their children;
  • To support families in this endeavor through sharing of information and interaction;
  • To promote an accurate perception of home education as a viable and successful educational option;
  • To promote the highest educational standards without compromising or denying the role of any person’s faith.