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HEAV - Home Educators Association of Virginia
HSLDA - Home School Legal Defense Association
TCHE Group Discount Number is 294097.
Athletics-Local Homeschool Sports Programs
CVHAA - Central Virginia Homeschool Athletics Association
High school level sports-basketball, soccer, baseball, Disciples football, girl's volleyball, Girl's Fastpitch softball in the spring
Richmond Spirit Athletics
High school/Middle school level sports
Girl's volleyball, Boy's and Girl's Basketball, Boy's baseball, all Levels of soccer
James River Homeschool Foundation, Inc.
Mission Statement:
James River Home School Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit Christian organization established to provide educational and extra-curricular enrichment opportunities for Virginia home-schooled students.
James River Eagles
The James River Eagles offers Interscholastic Girls Volleyball and Interscholastic Boys and Girls Basketball for Middle and High School Students, Eagles Pep Band, and a Co-ed Recreational Volleyball program for home educated youth ages 13 - 21 in both the spring and fall. Plans include offering Interscholastic Boys Baseball and recreational and developmental basketball.
The James River Eagles is a division of the James River Home School Foundation, which also offers and organizes various academic and drama programs, in addition to the Annual Home School Talent Showcase.
Beginning Curriculum Recommendations
Christian Liberty Press
Very affordable, can buy pre-packaged by grade level, option of academy where they will keep the students records, testing
My Father's World Curriculum
Affordable, can buy pre-packgaed or separately for grade level, very wholesome reading
Moving Beyond the Page
Homeschool curriculum for creative, hands on, and gifted learners. Ages 5-12
Bible Verse for the Day
Daily Blessing Bible Verse
Use this to add a Bible verse to your blog or other websites.
Book Stores
Everyday Homemaking
Easy Classical
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Chesterfield Christian Academy
West Minster Academy
An academy formed to meet the academic needs of homeschoolers. WMA meets in the West End of Richmond.
Counseling Services at Colonial Heights Baptist Church
Life is not always easy. A painful past, a difficult present, or a hopeless view of the future can be hard to overcome. It can never be done completely without Christ’s healing in our own lives. All of us have been wounded in one way or another, but Jesus Christ has promised to make us all into new creations….but only if we are willing! (II Corinthians 5:17) Sometimes we just need someone to guide us as we are in the process of becoming that whole new person. The counselors in our Counseling Center for Abundant Living are here to help.

Marriage and family life
Stress management
Grief and loss
Substance abuse
Sexual Abuse
Child/Teen Behavioral Problem
Attention Deficit Disorder
Get Organized/Planning
Creative Momma
Calendars, To Do Lists, Thank You Cards and More FREE Downloads
Get Organized
Monthly cleaning/organizing/planning lists lots of other helpful information to keep your home and office organized.
HEAV Graduation at Convention
Graduation cut off is 200 students.
If you want to participate be sure you register on time. Check this link in January to begin the graduation process.
High School
High School Transcripts
Math Videos
High School Testing, Distance Learning, Transcripts and More
Janice Campbell's website for highschool information. Curriculum, transcript help and lots more.
Online High School SAT prep classes, Advanced Math Courses, Physics
Language Processing Help
Dianne Craft
Does your child not process phonics sounds? Does he reverse his letters? Is his writing sloppy? Does he make his letters from the bottom up? Check out Dianne's website, I especially recommend the Biology of Behavior CD set to get started with Dianne's programs if you think your child has signs of ADHD behavior.
Teaching Home Magazine
A great resource for the beginning homeschool parent or the veteran. You'll find many useful and practical teaching suggestions and everyday helps too!
Order back print issues for a real blessing. This is my all time favorite homeschooling magazine.
Creation Illustrated
Creation Illustrated is published quarterly (beginning in Fall 1993) as a private, nonprofit, non-denominationally owned ministry dedicated to the eternal impact of sharing Biblical truth through the blessings of God's creation.

The editors and publishers are a Christian couple, Tom and Jennifer Ish, who homeschooled their daughter, Melissa, and have dedicated their lives to serving God by providing positive choices in reading material for the whole family.
Record Keeping
Percipion Homeschool Record Keeping
Homeschool Tracker
National Science Foundation Videos
Videos for all sciences from the National Science Foundation. Life science will be from an evolutionary perspective but there are a lot of good videos for other sciences at this link.
Science Lectures
College level lectures for all sciences
Mr. Science Teacher
I started my website, Mr. Science Teacher; as a
business adventure where students can learn physics and chemistry from a
seasoned teacher who is driven to make every child successful. I offer
homework help and I teach science online in a virtual classroom.
Special Needs Websites
NATHHAN National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
Christian Families Homeschooling Special Needs Children
The Founder's Center (formerly Dominion School for Autism) in Richmond VA
HSLDA Special Needs Consulting
Home School Legal Defense is seeing a growing need among our members for support for families who are homeschooling children with special needs. Our Special Needs Department has three coordinators available for consultation who frequently assist members with issues directly related to homeschooling children with special needs.

HSLDA understands that parents may need help in educating their children with special needs. Our coordinators often provide homeschooling families with names of educational consultants, therapists, tutors, testers, counselors, educational diagnosticians, and other experts.

When members contact our office to request referrals, we use our consultant database to search for consultants who will best suit their needs.

We are seeking to expand our database to include more home school-friendly psychologists, educational consultants and professionals who specialize in working with special needs children.

If you have recommendations for specialists who fit this need, and who you think would like to be a part of our consultant database, please send us their contact information, as well as any details about their services.


Elizabeth LaRock

HSLDA Special Needs Department

Home School Legal Defense Association
Attn: Special Needs Consultant Database
P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, Virginia 20134
Phone: (540) 338-5600
Fax: (540) 338-2733
Standardized Testing
Bayside Testing Services
Seton Testing Services
You Can Homeschool
Homeschool Success Seminars
You Can Homeschool
Morning Star Education Network
Start Homeschooling Now