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Field Trips

Fall Field Trips:

Lucky's Market

Here's the Scoop

Yu Jump

Environmental Learning Center on Wabasso Island

Fire Station

Brevard Zoo Tree Top Trek


Middle/High School Classes:

Art: Grades 7th-12th (10 weeks) 2:00-2:55 pm Cost- $80. Mixed Media class.

ACT/SAT Prep: Grades 9th-12th 12:00- 12:55pm Cost $175. Students will learn to tackle the ACT and SAT test as well as learn how to create personal resumes and essays. 

Speech and Debate: Grades 9th-12th 11:00-11:55 am Cost $275 

English:  Grades 7th-8th. 11:00-12:25 pm. Cost- $200 This class will include grammar and possibly some Literature with writing.

ASL-Grades 7th-12th.11:00-12:25 pm. Cost- $120. This class is for those who are continuing to learn sign language and have already taken some class on sign language.

English:  Grades 9th-12th. 12:30-1:55 pm. Cost - $220. This class will focus on American literature. 

Elementary Classes:

Life of Fred: Ages 7-12. 11:00-11:55 am. Cost- $101. (Year long class) This class is designed to introduce higher Math skills in simple/basic story format.

Creative Reading/Writing: Ages 9-11 & 12-13. 11:00-11:55 am & 1:00-1:55 pm.Cost- $50. Students will read short stories and poetry and will create writing to go with the weekly theme. 

Ballet: Ages 7-12 & 3-6. 12:00-12:55pm & 1:00-1:55 pm. Cost $50. Students will be learning basic ballet skills and movement.

Art: Ages 6-8 & 9-12. 12:00-12:55 & 1:00-1:55. Cost $60. Mixed Media Class

Interactive Storytime: Ages 3-5. 12:00-12:55. Cost- $15.  Students will enjoy storytime and themed craft and snacks to enhance learning. Each student will receive a book at the end of the semester. 

Poetry in Motion: Ages 9-12. 12:00-12:55. Cost $50.Students will use poetry as the backdrop of expression, learning language through expression, games and movement.

Geography of the US: Ages 8-12. 12:00-12:55. Cost $60. Students will learn the location of each state and capital and a few fun facts. Students will get to take home a map and the supplies.

Astronomy: Ages 8-12. 1:00-1:55 pm. Cost $50. Students will cover the first 7 lessons of the "Exploring Creation with Astronomy" book by Apologia. Will have science experiments and hands on activities. 

STEAM : Ages 4-9. 11:00-11:55 am Cost $30. This class integrates all STEAM elements along with critical thinking, exploration, and application skills to help children integrate multiple disciplines. 

Life Science: Ages 9-12. 1:00-1:55. Cost- $80. Student's knowledge will be gained from careful, systematic investigations of the world based on observations. A logical conclusion will be gained based on observation

Countries From Around the World: Ages 8-12. 12:00-12:55 pm. Cost- $50. Students will learn about the land, culture. history and geography of the Island of Fiji, Puerto Rico, Madagascar, Ecuador, Mexico, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, and Belguim. 

Legos: Ages 4-12 1:00-1:55 & 2:00-2:55pm Cost $15 Hands on fun with LEGOS! Each week will have a different theme.  The student will build a LEGO creation to match the theme and present it to his/her peers.

Music and Muscle Movement: Ages 3-5. 2:00-2:55. Cost- $20  Students will learn basic tumbling and movement. 

FCA PE: Ages 9-12. 2:00-2:55. Cost- By Donation. 

PE: Ages 5-8. 2:00-2:55. Cost-$ 30 with sibling discount of $25. Students will learn ball-handling and manipulative skills through small and large group activities and games.