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Policies and Procedures


Location:  Our elective classes, clubs, and most service projects are held in the FBC Melbourne’s Education Building, located south of the church sanctuary.  Other locations are specified on the details page of each event posted on the website.


Classes:  Classes and clubs will be held on Mondays begining at 11am and lasting till 3:30. Please see the website schedule for specific times. The fall semester will run for 8 weeks beginning in September.  The spring semester will run for 8 weeks beginning in January.

Parents:  For safety reasons, parents of preschool/elementary aged children must stay on campus while their children are taking classes.  Young children who are not in classes are not permitted to roam the halls or vacant classrooms, and must stay with a parent at all times. 

Assisting:  To support our teachers and help keep order in the classrooms, parents will take turns assisting in the classes.  A rotation assistant list will be created for each class.  You will only be asked to serve in the classes that your children are participating in.  This policy applies to teen classes as well. 


Registration:  You can register for the classes on our website. 


Payment:  Class payments must be made in full prior to the semester.  Payments for the fall semester can be made online through PayPal.  If you register for a class but do not pay by the published deadline, you will be dropped from the class and the spot will be given to a child on the waiting list.  Once you have paid, there are no refunds.


Responsibilities:  Please make sure your children are on time for their classes.  Planning to arrive 5 – 10 minutes ahead of time would be helpful.  Class time is limited, and it is very disruptive to our teachers to have children coming in at various times.  Be prepared.  Make sure your child has done his ‘homework’, has brought his notebook, or whatever is required of him. Remind your child about classroom behavior and respecting the church property. 


Classroom  Protocol:  Please assist the teacher after class with replacing tables, chairs and dry erase boards to their starting position at the end of each class. Children are NOT ALLOWED to free draw on the dry erase boards. Children are expected to be cooperative and respectful to their teachers and fellow students in class. If a child remains disruptive during a class period, the parent will be notified at the end of class and if the misbehavior persists, the parent may be required to attend the class with their child.


Safety:  To ensure the safety of our students, all parents who are serving as classroom helpers will be required to fill out background check paperwork. 

Sick Policy:  If your child is running a temperature, is presumed to be contagious, or has had an episode with gastroenteritis within three days of a SPLaSH activity or event, please keep your child home for the sake of the other children participating.

Field Trips: All field trips must be paid through Pay Pal.  Due to the fact that there is a minimum amount of students that are needed to book field trips there are no refunds.


March 2017