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Education Directories Virginia Public School Division Staff
List of Superintendents to send your homeschooling Notice of Intent to.
Homeschool Resources
College Plus!
Dual credit options for High School/College
Jonathan Brush
CollegePlus!, Program Advisor
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Have you heard about the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op? It's totally free to join, and the savings on curriculum, science fun, on-line programs, etc. is truly incredible. It's run by a homeschooling family with a vision to get great discounts and group buy offers for homeschoolers in the same way public schools do - by purchasing as a group. We've been members for about two years now, and have been blessed with some really special deals on Explode the Code, The Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip, and "Turtle" computer programming course for students. Please do yourself a favor, and visit their website, and get on track for some wonderful deals and discounts!
- Submitted by Dawn Keplinger
Homeschool Transcript
Fast Transcripts gives homeschool parents the ability to create professional high school transcripts with error-free GPA calculation. The cost is only $16 ($12 for HSLDA members).
Homeschool Support Organizations
HEAV (Home Educators Association of Virginia)
Serving the homeschoolers of Virginia through information, legislation, and resources since 1983! Be sure to sign up to receive the FREE Virginia Home Educator magazine. To learn the benefits of becoming a member of HEAV visit their website. ($35/year is well worth it for all they do!)
HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)
For those who may not know, (or those who have been procrastinating!) your membership $$ to HSLDA are put to imperative use. We pray we will never need specific legal services, but we all need the legal work that HSLDA is constantly doing to insure that our homeschool rights are preserved. They are at work every day within our legal system...FOR YOU!! Find out how you can become a member.