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--HOPE membership is $30 and is valid until August 31 the following year. 

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--In MAY/JUNE, signups will not be available.

--In JULY, we begin accepting memberships for the next school year

IMPORTANT!  Memberships not paid for by September 1 [or within 10 days of signing up if after 9/1], will be suspended (parked). After 15 days, parked accounts will be deleted. If you no longer wish to be a member, please let us know so we can delete your account.  IF you wish to continue on with HOPE, once payment has been received, suspended accounts will be reinstated.

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Note for "Sections" area of form: Choose all sections that apply to your family. You will receive occasional emails from the coordinators of the groups you checked. This is not a required field but you may miss fun activities and last minute field trip or activity changes.

The "Weekly Email Update" notifies you of upcoming calendar events and states when information is changed or added on the website.

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We ask members to complete a short survey to keep us apprised of the needs of the membership and to express interest in volunteering.

HOPE is a 100% volunteer organization. Please prayerfully consider your role of service! We need and welcome your help!