TNO Guest Dance Registration Form

Teen's Night Out (TNO)

7th -12th grade, & at least 12 years old

This is a group for our homeschooled teens. Members must be in 7th -12th grade and at least 12 years of age.
It is a great group to get to know other teens and have fun!
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Meet Your TNO Coordinators

TNO Rules

TNO Rules

1. Participate in the event that is being sponsored.

2. Never leave the site of the event unless you have permission from the TNO leader only.

3. Always be respectful of the people surrounding you.

4. Leave the environment better than you found it. Help clean-up if needed and/or asked.

5. Skirts should reach at least 4 inches above the top of the knee cap. (Wear shorts under your skirt if needed)

6. If you are wearing leggings, your shirt must be long enough to cover your bottom.

7. No clothing or accessories that communicate offensive messages.

8. No underwear or midriff showing.

9. No foul language.

10. Must follow all ARCHE rules.

11. Follow the directions of ARCHE TNO Leadership.

TNO Dress Code

Please read carefully as this dress code will be strictly enforced. We also ask that you please review this policy with your teens.

Ladies first:
*No skintight dresses or skirts. This includes ones with a sheer over skirt. (Formfitting dresses are not necessarily skintight. If you are unsure of the difference, please take advantage of the review process explained below.)
*Little to no cleavage
*No open midriff or sides
*If there is an open back, it should not drop below mid back (bra-line).
*The length should reach to at least 4 inches above the top of the knee cap.
*If you are wearing leggings, your shirt must be long enough to cover your bottom.

*No tight pants or shirt
*No sleeveless shirts
*No Shorts

We understand clothing styles fit everyone differently. Therefore, we will offer to review dresses in advance at class on Thursdays by appointment.

Dance attendees will now check in at a dress code table prior to checking in at the dance registration table. Attendees, please be patient with this process. We want everyone to have a safe and fun dance experience.

Dress code violators will not be allowed into the dance until they meet code requirements. We suggest you be prepared with “fixes” (leggings, tank tops, sweater, extra set of clothes, etc.) in the car. We also suggest parents who are dropping off should wait until your teens have entered the dance. Because money is all paid upfront to the dance providers, we will not be able to refund anyone.

Please feel free contact any of our TNO Coordinators with any question.

Important TNO Dates

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