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Homewood Activities

Homewood strives to offer a number of activities for members to get to know each other, build socialization skills, and share the joys of home schooling.  The majority of these activities are open to members only.  On occasion we open our activities to the public, but only when specified.




  • Kick-Off Party
  • Weekly Park Day
  • Field Trips
  • 9 & Under Activities
  • Tween Activities
  • Junior High Activities
  • High School Activities
  • Valentine's Day Party
  • Iowa Testing for Grades 3-12
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • High School Graduation
  • Used Book Sale & Resource Night
  • E-mail Loops and Interactive Web Site
  • Homewood Calendar
  • Homewood T-Shirts

Protocol for Adding New Homewood Activities

Any Homewood parent can plan an event exclusive to Homewood members or open to the community. 

Groups - Homewood children are grouped on the forum as High School (9th - 12th grade), Jr. High (7th & 8th grade), Tween (5th & 6th grade), and 9 & Under (birth - 4th grade).

  1. Decide whether it is a Homewood event or a Non-Homewood event.  Homewood events are only open to current Homewood members.  Non-Homewood events are open to the local community and are not compelled to follow the Homewood Policy (statement of faith, dress code, etc.) since not all attending are Homewood members.
  2. Set a date and check the Homewood calendar to make sure that date is open.  Select another date, if possible, if there is already an event scheduled for that day.  The calendar is only for Homewood events.  Do not send a request for Non-Homewood events.
  3. Submit a “Calendar Request From” (on the left side of the Homewood webpage) to secure your date on the Homewood calendar.
  4. Publicize your event on the appropriate Homewood forum.  Please do not use multiple forums to post your event; there is one specific forum that fits your event.  Specify how participants are to sign up one of three ways:  on the Homewood calendar, through an online sign up form, or directly to your personal email.
  5. Express if you require the Homewood Waiver to be signed.
  6. Continue planning and communicating information through the forum you started.  Reminders one month, one week, and the day before the event are always helpful.

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact our Activities Director at homewoodactivities@gmail.com.