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Q: What is FISH?

A: FISH is the homeschool ministry in Brandon, FL. 

As our cultural shifts, more families are opting to homeschool their children and are seeking support.  FISH is uniquely equipped for a time such as this and desires to:

FOLLOW JESUS - by obeying the call He has placed on our families to homeschool our children. 

LOVE PEOPLE - by providing resources and encouragement to other homeschooling families in the community.  

MAKE DISCIPLES - by firmly rooting our children in the Gospel through Biblical teaching, encouraging church and community service, and instilling a desire in the next generation to increase the Kingdom for God's glory. 


Q: How do I join?

A: Non-members can click "JOIN" at the top of the website. All information can be found there.


Q: Do I have to attend a specific denomination of  church?

A: No.  FISH is open to all believers of different denominations.  We do require that you affirm the Statement of Faith.


Q: What does FISH offer?

A: These are some of the things FISH offers to its members:

  • Family and age-specific fellowship/events
  • Competitive sports for 4th-8th grade 
  • Competitive sports for high school
  • Mom's encouragement nights
  • Field trips
  • A vibrant high school community complete with monthly socials, dances, spirit nights and graduation
  • Clubs
  • P.A.T.H. Co-op
  • Select drop-off classes
  • A Performing Arts Club that produces two large-scale productions and two "dessert theatres" each year


Q: How much is membership?

A: Our annual fee is $80 ($60 for registration, $20 for facilities).  We do offer a $10 discount if you join on or before our yearly "Jamboree."  We also offer need-based scholarships to cover the facility fee - just ask.  The yearly membership runs from June-June regardless of when you register.  


Q: Do I have to help teach other children?

A: While we do offer a co-op (P.AT.H. on Fridays) you do not need to take part in that to be a member of FISH.


Q: Do you offer academic classes?

A: FISH does offer a limited number of drop-off classes for an additional fee. We also have some free enrichment clubs and activities.


Q: Who makes up the FISH leadership body?

A: FISH is board-run.  All board members are volunteers.  


Q: Who can participate in FISH Athletics?

A: FISH members can participate in sports, but must be registered as homeschoolers so as not to compromise our league status.  Public and private school students may not join FISH or participate in the sports we offer.  


Q. Does FISH have a graduation ceremony?

A: FISH offers one of the most beautiful and meaningful graduation ceremonies.  We generally have 40+ graduating seniors and 1,000+ guests in the lovely sanctuary at Bell Shoals.  Senior year with FISH is an incredible time to make memories; complete with photo sessions, trips and service to the younger grade through our Promotion Ceremony. 


Q. Why can't I see the events FISH offers on the calendar?

A.  As a safety measure for FISH students and families, we keep most of our events with times and locations behind the membership paywall.  Events that are open to the community are made public.  


If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to email: info@fishhomeschool.org