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What is Families Instructing Students At Home?


Families Instructing Students At Home is a ministry of Bell Shoals Baptist church, made up of families encouraging each other as we seek to do God’s will in regards to educating our children. We provide information and interaction with other homeschool families. We uphold Christian morals and values, as well as teaching when applicable..


What events/activities does FISH have?


- MOM'S DINNER each August before beginning the new school year, with an encouraging speaker, great food, and much needed fellowship!

- B2SB - Our Back to School Bash is held in September and is a free event for all FISH families.  It includes dinner, games, and back to school prizes!

- BE ENCOURAGED! CONFERENCE in January with lots of knowledgeable speakers.

- PARENTS NIGHT OUT - with speaker Todd Wilson in October.

- PROMOTION CEREMONY - for k-11th grades, with a special kindergarten graduation, and a charge given by graduating seniors.

- GRADUATION CEREMONY for graduation seniors.

- S.T.E.M. - Our STEM classes are for all grades and meet on Thursday mornings.

- CO-OP classes.  The PATH co-op provides a variety of classes on Fridays, including maths and sciences, as well as Bible and arts, and everything in between.  This is a co-op where each mom will teach a class.

- TBCAL 4th-8th grade sports - Competetive sports program, where we play against the local Christian and private schools, including flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading and golf.

- HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS - FISH plays in two different high school sports leagues, both of which are Christian leagues and play against Christian and private schools.

- P.E. - Kids meet for PE at a park on Fridays.  Many families bring their lunches and hang around to make homeschool friends.  Don't take this too lightly!  It's hard to make real friendships when running from one event to the next - it's this down-time where you and your children will form close friendships!

- FISH PAC - Our new performing arts club will kick off with The Hobbit.

- FIELD TRIPS - various field trips, mostly based on what mom's would like to do.  If you are a very dependable person:) and would like to set up a field trip - let us know!

- HIGH SCHOOL CLASS events and SENIOR activities.

- BOWLING LEAGUE - Begins in January and lasts for 12 weeks.

- JABizTown - JA Biztown is an economics program for 4th - 7th graders that takes place in the early spring.  It is six weeks of classes followed by a hands on day in Tampa at the Junior Achievement facility.

- CHOIR - Choir is for all ages and held on Fridays after the PATH co-op.  They will have a Christmas and Spring Concert.

- READING CHALLENGES with get-togethers over the summer.

- GEOGRAPHY CLUB/FAIR - meets once per month with a geography fair at the end of the year.






How do I apply for membership?


Click on "Request Membership" at the top of this page. You will find all the instructions for completing the forms on this page.


Do I have to be a member of Bell Shoals Baptist Church to join?


No, FISH is not for church members only..


What is Home Education Foundation (HEF)?


HEF was established in 1991 to raise support and direct lobbying for home education in Tallahassee. 

HEF exists:

  • To PROMOTE and unify legislative action among home educators.
  • To evaluate and MONITOR issues which may affect home educators.
  • To INITIATE, draft and find sponsors for legislation to protect the rights and expand the privileges of home educators.
  • To PLAN, direct and coordinate lobbying efforts.
  • To EDUCATE Florida legislators about home education.
  • To provide a year round PRESENCE and a consistent voice for home educators in the Legislature and Department of Education.


.For more information, please go to www.flhef.org