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Co-op Teacher Form - Spring 2018

* indicates a required answer.

SHINE Co-op Teacher Commitment Form


Commitment forms are due to the Co-op director no later than December 15, 2017. If you have suggestions, or questions about teaching classes you may contact the director anytime before that date.


Jolie Johnson at: 361-232-8872 or jolie.johnson@ymail.com  

1. *


2. *

Class Title:

3. *

Class Description:

**Please include information about what resources you are using for teaching, discussion or will be requiring the students to read for class.**

Weekly Lesson Focus:

Please give information on what will be covered each week in the space provided below. Be as detailed as you are able. You may also email the Co-op Director a file with this information that can be attached to the class description for registration.

4. *

Week 1 Plans:

5. *

Week 2 Plans:

6. *

Week 3 Plans:

7. *

Week 4 Plans:

8. *

Week 5 Plans:

9. *

Week 6 Plans:

10. *

Week 7 Plans:

11. *

Week 8 Plans:

12. *

Week 9 Plans:

13. *

Teacher(s) (LIST YOUR NAME and your co-teacher's name, if any):

(only 2 adults can “co-teach”, any additional people can be listed as assistants below)

14. *

I already have my teaching assistants, they are:

 (doesn’t count toward the teaching requirement) 


I need the Co-op Director to assign assistants, this many are needed:

 (1 required)
none 1
2 3

Class Age Level (pick one or more if a combined class or list exact ages in box below:

 (1 required)
Preschool A (15mth-2yrs) Preschool B (3-4yrs, 5 not in K)
5 (in Kinder) - 8 years old 8 - 12 years old
12 years and older Other age grouping - enter below

Alternate Age Levels for the class - subject to approval by the Co-op Director:

18. *

Class Fee:

(This fee is to cover the cost of supplies for the class only. Some supplies are available; please check with the Co-op Director as you decide what you need to charge for the class.)

19. *

Class Min:

(if different than our standard 4 students)

20. *

Class Max:

(Co-op Director will have final say on size of classes depending on space available and type of class.)

21. *

Materials Required (not included in the cost of the class):


Thankful Hearts-our class will:

 (1 required)
Perform Display Table
Both Neither
23. *


Special Needs for the Classroom:

—Please note any specifics you may need, like access to electrical outlets, access to TV/VCR, etc. so we can take these into consideration when arranging classes!! We have limited access to TV/VCR/DVD players, but will make an effort to accommodate any requests for your class.

24. *

Do you want your child(ren) in this class with you?

If you have a child the correct age/grade for this class and want them to be in the class, please enter their name(s) below so a spot can be reserved for them in the class.

25. *


I understand that this is a nine-week commitment and I am required to teach at least one hour.  I understand that I am also to assist at least one hour.  I understand that preschool is only available to those teaching/co-teaching this semester and I will be required to help there as needed (if I have a preschooler).

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