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2019-2020 Code of Conduct

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SHINE Student Code of Conduct


This is a general guideline of what is expected of each individual attending any SHINE function, in order to conduct ourselves in moral standings according to SHINE’s Rules of Conduct.  This is in addition to the general group guidelines as outlined in our Policies and Procedures. Not every situation can be covered on this sheet, your Steering Committee and/or attending adult will inform you of any further inappropriate behaviors that may arise at said events.


Students are to conduct themselves in a proper manner.

  1. Do be polite
  2. Do be young ladies and gentlemen
  3. Do show grace
  4. Do be kind
  5. Do be respectful to each other
  6. Do be respectful to all adults – i.e. being courteous when spoken to, giving assistance cheerfully when asked, etc.
  7. No hitting
  8. No hard wrestling (this includes picking each other up, tackling, or pushing and shoving.)
  9. No destruction of property
  10. No name calling
  11. No excessive teasing
  12. No off-color jokes or coarse language
  13. No inappropriate discussions, such as those related to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or sex, will be tolerated.
  14. Illegal activity that could potentially lead to prosecution is not acceptable from any SHINE member whether it occurs at a sanctioned SHINE event or not.
  15. Pocket knives must be kept in the pocket at all times at any SHINE function or they will be confiscated.

Boy/Girl situations:

(No tolerance of a relationship’s outward expressions.)

  1. no holding of hands-- other than that which is necessary for a planned activity
  2. no lingering hugs
  3. no kissing
  4. no leaving the group without the activity leader’s permission


  1. Students are required to participate in planned activities when attending an organized SHINE event.
  2. A student may be excused by the event leader if there are circumstances to prevent them from participating in a certain activity at an event.
  3. Participation includes keeping your attention on the people around you and on the planned activities and NOT using your cell phone unless it is a benefit to the group or needing to answer a parent call.

Event Pick Up:

  1. Event leaders must be informed by the parent of a student who is to be picked up from an event by someone other than an immediate family member (parent or older sibling). Our leaders strive to ensure the safety of all our students and keeping them informed of who your student is to leave with at the end of an event will help them reach that goal.
  2. Please notify the event leader at drop off or as soon as possible (if an emergency arises) of who will be picking up your student if it will not be someone in your family.

Teens Driving to SHINE events:

Any teen who has parent permission to drive themselves to a SHINE event may do so under the following conditions:

  1. If it is a Teen event, the teen will be required to arrive on-time and remain at the event until the scheduled ending time. The teen will not be allowed to leave an event early unless arrangements have been made between the parent and the leader of the event.
  2. If it is a family event (including co-op), the teen must have an adult attending the event set up to be the responsible adult for that teen for the duration of the event. The teen will not be allowed to leave an event early unless arrangements have been made between the parent and the leader of the event.

In addition to the above, if attending co-op classes:

  1. Cheerfully give assistance when asked and look for ways to help in cleaning up
  2. No skipping of classes will be tolerated
  3. Being on time is expected and tardiness of more than 5 minutes will result in missing class and a warning issued

Consequences for not following the rules of conduct:  first offense, a warning will be given detailing the offense.  Second offense, suspension from future activities for a period as deemed appropriate by the Steering Committee. Additional offenses will lead to a conference with the parents of the children involved with the Steering Committee to decide further action to be taken if necessary. Offenses will be documented on the SHINE Incident form and kept on file.

We do ask you and your students to be aware of how texts, emails, Facebook and other social medias affect your co-members of SHINE and govern yourselves accordingly.  Our goal is a group that uplifts and encourages friendly, supportive interaction for our students. 

After you have read this over with your student please sign as well as having your student(s) sign. This shows that you agree to these terms and understand them. If you have questions please contact any of the following Steering Committee members. 

  Becca Vachon 325-201-8207              Julie Craig     210-326-4995           Kristi Hettinger 210-487-0054                             

Parents/guardians, please type in your full name and each of your student's names (ages 9 and older) into the boxes below.

By typing each name, you are confirming that you and each of your student's have read and understand the SHINE Student Code of Conduct. Your typed signature below represents your written signature and will be your binding agreement to follow these rules as outlined above.

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