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2018-2019 class list


(Classes vary from year to year)

Early Childhood (stationary classes) 

*For younger siblings of members with students ages 3rd grade and above.

 Nursery (0-12 months) 

Toddlers (13-23 months)

2 Year Olds

3 Year Olds



1st Grade

2nd Grade 

3rd-12th Grade

American Girl 3rd–6th

American Gov: Fam. Documents 7th–12th

Beach Volleyball 5th–10th

Beg. American Sign Lang. 8th–12th

Beginning Crochet 3rd–12th

Boomwhackers 3rd–5th

Boomwhackers II 6th–9th

Cat Crafts, Fun and Education 3rd–5th

Continuing Guitar (3rd - 6th) 3rd–6th

Dance Squad: Legacy 4th–7th

Dance Squad: Varsity 8th–12th

Fam. Fig. of the American Rev. 3rd–7th

Game School 3rd–6th

Hoops 102 4th–8th

Hoops 102 8th–12th

IEW Level C 8th–12th

Introduction to Latin 5th–12th

Just Desserts (2nd Hour) 9th–12th

Just Desserts (3rd Hour) 9th–12th

Knitting/Crocheting Club 6th–9th

Krafty Kids Level 1 3rd–5th

Krafty Kids Level 2 5th–7th

Lemonade To Leadership 5th–9th

Let's Keep Movin' & Playin' 3rd–6th

Let's Keep Movin' & Playin' 3rd–6th

Love To Read!!! 3rd–8th

Math Tutoring 3rd–12th

Minecraft Challenge (1st Hour) 3rd–6th

Minecraft Challenge (2nd Hour) 3rd–4th

More STEM Fun! 5th–8th

Painting 8th–12th

Picture Smart Bible Class 3rd–8th

Pintrest Awesomeness 6th–12th

Poetry & Teatime 5th–8th

Recess 3rd–6th

Schoolhouse Rock Grammar 3rd–4th

Spanish II (1st Hour) 7th–12th

Spanish II (2nd Hour) 7th–12th

STEM Fun! 3rd–5th

Student Lounge 9th–12th

Tabletop Boardgames 7th–12th

Talk and Chomp 9th–12th

The American Rev. Through Lit. 8th–12th

Theatre Games 3rd–6th

Think! Team Building Challenge 3rd–6th

Think! Team Building Challenge 7th–12th

Yearbook Design Class 7th–12th

Yearbook Photography 7th–12th


Extended Science Program

Biology 9th–12th

Chemistry 9th–12th

General Science 7th–8th

Human Anatomy & Phys. 3rd–6th

Physical Science 7th–8th

Physics 11th–12th

Pre-K - 2nd Grade