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Membership Fee Breakdown

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Where does my $65 go??

 So...Have you ever wondered just exactly how your $65 membership fee to REACH is used?????

 Well, your Executive Board thought you might like to know how we spend your money, so here it is!  Remember that this is a GENERAL breakdown.  Each year is different so the exact amounts may vary. (Updated May 2020)

Administrative Supplies

$ 6.27

Supplies, unexpected expenses, leadership training, leadership appreciation, technology, and other misc. needs.

Annual Insurance

$ 31.00

Annual insurance premiums

REACH Vision 2020

$ 8.00

This portion helps to support on going planning and improvements moving forward.

Website (

$ 4.00

Access to all information: forum, directories, forms, your personal family site, etc.

Support Events

$ 14.00

Some are fully covered and some are partially covered. Please see SUPPORT PAGE for a list.

PayPal fee

$ 1.73

Charges we encure from Paypal for using them as a service. 


$ 65.00

Just thought you would like to know.  laugh

May God bless each of you on this adventure we call home schooling!


heartYour REACH Executive Board

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