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Why Choose ROCK?

Choose Your Model

     Refrigerators come in lots of models: side-by-side, top freezer, bottom freezer and more. But they all have the same job – to keep our food cold. Homeschool options are similar; they come in a variety of different models but all serve the same purpose – they assist us in home educating our children.

Learning Together as a Family.

     ROCK Academy was born out of the need to support families in their desire to home educate their children, simplify homeschooling through common studies for all ages of children, and growing together as a family through time spent together. Education isn’t just academics. ROCK Academy allows families to explore other interests outside of academics like traveling, volunteering, serving, as well as music lessons, Scouts, sports and other civic organizations.

     We provide a well-organized program with core classes of Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Our carefully-chosen curriculum takes the guesswork out of homeschooling and allows for families to study the same material at age-appropriate levels. Using the common threads of history, science, and literature, we help to unify families as they read and study together.

Families today are busy; what we don’t need is homeschooling programs that make life more complicated.