Flowers appear on the earth;                 the season of singing has come,                                                  Songs of Solomon 2:12a

Purpose & Mission


ROCK Academy seeks to support and equip parents in their desire to homeschool their children by providing academic structure to a community of like-minded families.


ROCK Academy uses academics and enrichments for all ages - preschool to high school - and a hybrid of teaching methods to simplify the homeschool process and allow the entire family to learn together.


FAMILY - ROCK Academy was born out of the need to support families in their desire to home educate their children, simply homeschooling through common studies for all ages of children, and grow as families through time spent together.

Our carefully chosen curriculum takes the guesswork out of Homeschooling and allows for families to study the same material at age-appropriate levels. By using the common threads of history, science, and literature, we help to unify families as they read and study together each week.

COMMUNITY - On-campus programming provides activities that are difficult to replicate at home. By providing academics and enrichment programs, families are able to accomplish several goals in one day. ROCK Academy provides a community for both kids and parents to get involved, connect, and build relationships with like-minded families.

LOVE - God: At ROCK, we are committed to doing all things for the glory of God, who loves us and created us with a great capacity for knowledge. We show our love for Him when we exercise our minds, gaining knowledge for whatever path He may choose for us. We desire that children will see that they are part of God's Story and have each been given unique gifts to fulfill His purpose. Others: By providing character and missionary programs, we hope to teach children that God is more concerned with their heart than their grades. Did they show love and compassion to the least of these? At ROCK Academy, we hope that at graduation, kids know where they will spend eternity, even if they don't know where they will be after they move the tassel.

ACADEMICS - ROCK Academy uses three proven educational techniques: Classical, Charlotte Mason, and Unit Studies, to reach and teach students in their ideal learning style.

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