One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.  ~C.S. Lewis~

High School


Just like the programs for younger students, we focus on three main subjects. For the 2019-2020 academic year, this is what you can add to a student transcript

  • World History and Cultural Geography 
  • Environmental Science - includes labs + NEW! CLEP preparation so that a student can take the CLEP test in the spring
  • Language Arts - includes composition and literature


As your teen attends our program with bundled classes, they will develop strong relationships with classmates simply by having the common bond of time together. With our small class sizes, students will naturally have more time for classroom discussions, greater possibilities to collaborate on group projects, as well as aditional opportunities to meet outside of school.


At ROCK Academy, we recognize that not all students do well in large classroom settings, nor do all students learn in a traditional classroom lecture setting with difficult and challenging textbooks to read. At ROCK, we have gone to great lengths to find solid curricula that is written and designed for students who need more hands-on learning experiences. Who says history and science have to be dry and somber to count as a high school credit?! Our smaller classroom sizes also provide the opportunity for tutors to connect more with students as well as the students having more access to the tutors for questions or assistance.

TUITION                                                                                $715 before May 31st                                                             $740 after May 31st

Tuition prices reflect prices for the full year, your student will attend 30 weeks of class. (NOTE: HS students meet an additional 3 extra weeks throughout the year than the other ROCK students.) Tuition includes all science lab supplies. Parents are responosible for purchasing all other books and curriculum.


Our optional afternoon programs offer class electives that help to round out your high schoolers transcript with classes like Personal Finance, Film Production, Book Club, Fitness, and more. Most classes are equal to .5 - 1.0 credits.

Specific information regarding afternoon class options will be available in late spring.