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4-Year Cycle


     Another unique feature of ROCK Academy is the 4-Year history and science cycle. All ages follow this basic rotating topic format; with slight differences for history at the high school level.  Don't be afraid to jump in at any year! You and your kids will fit it just fine; it's a new year for everyone each fall. Our rotation is as follows: 

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Bonus Year*

Ancient History

Middle Ages - Reformation

Renaissance - Revolution

American  History

Arount the World -
History thru Geography
(continent by continent)

Biblical History

Church History & World Religions

Western Civ. or World History

American History

World History

Life Science

Earth Science Chemistry Physical Science Environmental Science


Earth Science


Physical Science

Environmental Science

                         *2019-2020 Focus                                                                         (High School classes are in the turquoise rows.)